Nicotine is a stimulant found in the tobacco plant and when this tobacco is smoked, nicotine is absorbed in the lungs. It can also be chewed or sniffed.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to use it, it still remains the same, entering the bloodstream, circulating throughout the body and into the brain.

You can get your nicotine fix by smoking cigarettes, smoking a pipe or cigar, snuffing or chewing tobacco, but just like your skin, your teeth have pores that absorb the yellow or brown colorant of tar and nicotine.

Now there are these tobacco-free nicotine pouches similar to your regular tea bag.

All about Nicotine Pouches

No more Lighters to light up

You place the pouch between your upper lip and gum and the nicotine is slowly released through the lining of the mouth. Simply lift your upper lip and place the nicotine pouch between your lip and gums.

It can be in the middle or to the sides – you do what feels comfortable. You can get so adept at doing it that even at a social gathering you can put one into your mouth in a subtle way that nobody is any the wiser. Soon you’ll start to experience the soothing ‘all is well’ feeling.

You can keep the pouch like that for 15 minutes to an hour. A lot depends on the brand of the pouch and the strength of the nicotine. You can talk, eat and drink with one of these in your mouth. You just have to be careful not to swallow the pouch.

When you’re done using it, you just throw it away into your rubbish bin.

Suits smoking bans

Many smokers are catching on to these pouches as they are wanting a more convenient way to have their nicotine without the matches, lighters and smoke that will cause trouble with smoking bans.

The benefit of these pouches is that the same amount of nicotine can be consumed but that you aren’t exposing the airways to carbon monoxide. It is this carbon monoxide that causes lung cancer.  Smokers regard these nicotine pouches as a good alternative to cigarettes.

For starters, these nicotine pouches cost about the same as your regular cigarettes, however you don’t need any batteries or other kinds of accessories to use them.

They are available in different flavors. Fruit, mint and spice is always popular but there are lots of unusual flavors too. The pouches are tobacco-free but also smoke-free. They contain flavorings, sweeteners, food-grade fillers, pH adjusters, stabilizers and nicotine salt to enhance the taste.

Be informed uses their website to also inform people about nicotine and how these pouches work. They don’t try to side-step the health risks that even come with smokeless tobacco.

They have articles on how medical experts tell us that although these pouches are far safer than smoking, they also have some risks, but are still a good alternative to other types of nicotine products.

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