Today is a day of fear and excitement.

You’re excited because, like 100 million other people around the world, you’re going to hang out with friends and family… and you might even watch the Super Bowl. Or you might just be there to chat and eat.

But you’re also fearful… fearful that all of your hard work in January is about to come undone in one bad day of eating.

You know that you can’t beat 4 hours of peer-pressure to “c’mon, just have one slice of pizza” or “it’s only one beer, don’t be such a party pooper.”

Yep, it’s the pressure of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one. Fortunately I’ve put together a SuperBowl Survival Guide for you.

Here’s how you’re going to WIN the game today.

It all starts first thing in the morning…


  • Get your day off to the healthiest start possible with a Daily Energy shake. This is how I start every morning and it puts you on track to making healthy decisions all day long… Plus it’s my secret weapon in fighting off colds and flus. Ever since I started my day with this “energy drink,” I haven’t been sick once.

Next, hit the gas on your fat burning metabolism with this 4-minute calorie-burning accelerator.

Superbowl Survival 4-Minute Workout Guidelines:
– Go through 2 rounds of each exercise using the 20/10 system
– 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Burpees
3. Running In-place
4. Total Body Extensions

Watch the video here!

Now you’ve earned your breakfast, and you’re going to use this tip I learned from Chef Gui Alinat to help you lose weight on SuperBowl Sunday.

Your breakfast needs to be both high protein and high-fiber.

According to research that Chef Gui shared with me, when you consume protein and fiber at breakfast, you end up being LESS hungry for the rest of the day. That means you’ll eat less at lunch and you’ll have fewer cravings at dinner, making it so much easier to pass on another plate of wings or pizza.

Use Chef Gui’s breakfast scramble recipe from page 47 of Eat More Burn More.

After breakfast it’s time for church or errands or setting up for the big SuperBowl party at your house.

Later on, have a late lunch. And make sure this is high protein and high fiber, too.

And now it’s time to start getting your “game face” on.

Time for you to copy Cam Newton… without the dancing, of course.

Put on your headphones, get in the zone, walk through the game in your mind… pick your poison (1 treat to enjoy), prepare your plan… and with this plan in place, you’ll have no problems limiting your SuperBowl supper and snacking to under 2000 calories.

If you do that, you’ll keep your SuperBowl Sunday calorie intake at 3000… and thanks to the tips and tricks I’ve passed along in here, you might even end up down a pound or two when you weigh yourself on Monday morning.

Final tip: Don’t drink alcohol after halftime. That will interfere with your sleep. And if you get a good sleep then you can expect to have…

Your Best. Workout. Ever. on Monday morning.

With your SuperBowl Sunday Cheat Day “Refuel,” your muscles will be jacked-up with stored carbohydrate and you’ll have tons of energy on Monday to do another short-burst workout from one of my programs like the Home Workout Revolution.

So you’ll actually kick-off a great week of record fat burning thanks to the SuperBowl Sunday Survival Plan.

That’s Championship Preparation right there.

I hope you enjoy the big game, or if you’re not a football fan, I hope you simply have an amazing Sunday with your family and friends.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

Ol’ CB looks into his CB (crystal ball)…

Drum roll please…

Sorry Broncos fans, but the SuperBowl score will be:

Carolina – 30 (plus lots of “dabbing”)
Denver – 13 (plus one retirement of Peyton Manning)

But wait… ol’ Bally the Dog disagrees with me… he’s barking up a storm and wants to make his own prediction.

“Alright Bally, bark out how many points Denver will get and then wag your tail for how many points Carolina will get.”

Here’s his prediction:

Denver – 24 barks!
Carolina – 17 tail wags!

Wow! Looks like ol’ Bally the Bronco Dog is a big Peyton Manning fan… then again, maybe he just really dislikes the Panthers because he hates cats.

I guess he and I will have to make a friendly wager on the game.

Alright, enough kidding around.

Go have a SUPER Sunday,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – There’s one thing both teams have in common…


It’s what leads to success.

To succeed, you must make sacrifices.

Otherwise you must happily accept that your current status will not change.

“It is always our choice whether or not we wish to pay the price for life’s rewards.” – Epictetus

Know what’s worth it. Know what is not. Know what you will do. Know what you will not.

Set your limits and expectations, and be content with them both.

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