Youโ€™re employed under a non-subscriber employer not providing you with employee compensation insurance. If so, you have an additional headache if you have an accident at your workplace. In such a scenario, your employer might not pay your lost wages and medical bills. Then, did you know you could hire a personal injury lawyer to claim your compensation?

According to an article published on Huffpost, there are common workplace incidents like falling from heights, overexertion, slips, and cuts, injuries, struck by equipment, and things like that. Work injuries are more critical than you think and therefore you need to hire an injury attorney. Here is why:

1. Understands your case worth

An accident injury lawyer has the knowledge and experience to deal with similar cases. He will tell you how much compensation you deserve even if your employer does not provide worker compensation insurance. Dealing with the case yourself will not help you because your employer will offer you lower reparation and even claim that you do not qualify for the damages, pain, and discomfort, which is untrue when it comes to non-subscriber employer cases.

2. Knowledge and experience of workplace injury laws

The law applicable to the non-subscriber company is complex and restricts the protection the firm can raise. For instance, your boss cannot assert that you were partly responsible for the accident or injury and you want to escape your responsibilities for the injuries sustained. Then, when you work with any Miami injury attorney Amanda Demanda, he has the full knowledge and experience of such cases so that you receive a favorable settlement you deserve.

3. Settles disputes if you have prior medical conditions

In case, you have a prior medical condition in the part of your body that is injured at your place of work, your employer or company might argue that you already had a condition and so not eligible for any compensation. This is not justified and your injury lawyer will settle such disputes efficiently in a court of law. You cannot argue with your employer alone without the assistance of a workplace accident lawyer.

4. The injuries are serious

When you have serious injuries leading to permanent disability, you should be certain that all your lost earnings and medical bills in the future are incorporated in your settlement claim. Now, these financial claims are quite expensive for your employer and they will move mountains to deny their responsibility and pay you nothing. That is why you need a seasoned personal injury lawyer to help you get the right compensation, you deserve.

5. Possible third-party claims

Did you know that you could claim compensation against a third party and your employer as well? For instance, if you had sustained injuries while driving your vehicle to the workplace, the driver responsible for the accident will need to pay for you for the damages. Your injury lawyer would decide how much the third party and your employer would pay.


So if you have injured at your work and your employer is a non-subscriber, consult with your injury attorney without any delay.

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