When you think of diamonds, you think of the colorless diamonds that are the most popular by far. Few people, if any, will think of colored diamonds. There is a misconception that colored diamonds are unnatural or lab-grown diamonds. This is far from the truth. Diamonds, in fact, come in many natural colors! These diamonds are known as fancy color diamonds. The color is caused by different impurities in the diamond that make it look like different colors.

Are Coloured Diamonds Rare?

Yes, they are. Colored diamonds are classified under different grades depending on the intensity of their color. A more faint tint will be less expensive than an intense tint. Some colors are also rarer than others. Red, for example, is the rarest color for diamonds. They are also the most expensive as well.

When judging a normal diamond, the diamonds with the least amount of colors are held in the highest regard and are judged to be the highest quality. When it comes to colored fancy diamonds, the fainter the color, the less expensive they are. If you are on a budget and want a colored diamond, you should look for fainter colors.

What Are the Different Natural Diamond Colours?

Yellow And Brown Diamonds

If you’re in the market looking for colored diamonds, yellow and brown are the colors you will come across most frequently. While natural colors in diamonds are rare, yellow and brown are the most common colors. Browns are the most common colors and are very affordable as well. If you’re looking for a ring on a budget, then brown diamonds may be the way to go. Yellow diamonds in particular come in a wide range of intensities and tones, and there is a lot of variety in the market for them. Their popularity has been rising because of the attractive canary yellow color. A yellow diamond with a white gold setting would be great for someone who has an elegant yet unique aesthetic.

Gray And Black Diamonds

These are also very common and very affordable colored diamonds. Black diamonds have impurities of graphite which give them the intense black color. Black diamonds don’t have a variety of color intensities and the only type that is available is fancy black. Grey diamonds are rare to find in nature, which would normally make them very expensive. However, since the demand for grey diamonds are less, they are also priced to reflect that. If you’re in the market looking for colored diamonds on a tight budget, gray diamonds may offer you the best value for money option. A grey diamond in a rose gold setting would look like a very modern yet minimalist twist on the traditional wedding or engagement ring.

Red and Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds were a mystery for a long time. While other diamond colors were identified to be caused by different minerals and inclusions, pink diamonds seem to not have any impurities included. Recent research now says that it is how the diamonds are formed under stress that influences how light refracts through the diamond that gives the sought-after pink hue. If you’re in the market for a truly unique gift, then a pink diamond ring may be the one for you!

A completely natural red diamond is so rare that there have only been a handful discovered. Red and pink hues come from mines only in Africa, Brazil, and Australia. These hues are so prized that having them even as secondary colors increases the value of the diamond.

Blue And White Diamonds

Blue diamonds are just next in rarity to red and pink diamonds. They are formed because there are traces of boron in the diamond which give it that beautiful blue color. These colors are only formed in diamond mines in India, Australia, and South Africa. They come in a range of intensities. The more the intensity, the higher the price tag! Blue diamonds are different from sapphires, though many people confuse these two gemstones.

White diamonds are another rarity. These are diamonds that have a translucent, milky appearance similar to opal. They are sharply different from colorless diamonds that are the most common type of diamond available in the market. They are extremely rare, and not much is known about them. The better the clarity, the higher-priced this diamond is. There may be flashes of color in these stones, similar to opal. The few white diamonds that have been examined came from one Indian diamond mine.

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