Did you know that Swiss culture has around 5000 years of history?

Switzerland is one of the world’s most highly developed countries. In most cases, people don’t know much about moving to Switzerland. As a result, there can be a lot of confusion about immigration and visas.

Are you thinking about moving to Switzerland? Then this guide is for you. Here, we explain living in Switzerland. So you can move away from confusion and into a better, fulfilling life!

What Is Switzerland Like?

Switzerland Like

This Alpine country is home to a diverse range of people, cultures, and languages. The landscape itself is also varied, with towering mountains, pristine lakes, and idyllic countryside.

Switzerland is known for its scenic beauty, efficient organization, and high standard of living. Expect a clean and safe environment, friendly locals, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Visas and Permits for Living in Switzerland

One type of visa is the short-stay visa, which allows you to stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days. If you plan to stay for longer than 90 days, obtain a long-stay visa.

Once you have your visa, register with the local authorities for a residence permit which is usually valid for one year and can be renewed. The type of residence permit depends on the length of stay and your nationality.

The Essentials


Find a place to live, swiss apartments are small but well-equipped, and rents can be expensive, so start saving now. Also, be prepared for the high cost of living in Switzerland. Though salaries are high, so are the prices for necessities.

Health insurance is required by law, you can get it through your employer or get your own policy.

Learn the Swiss German language! Although most people speak English, it will help (and make locals happy) if you can at least say a few words in the local language.

Get a Swiss SIM card to communicate with your landlord, co-workers, and friends. Open a Swiss bank account for a place to store your money, pay rent and bills, and receive your salary.

And finally, the stuff that you want to move with you. Read through this country moving guide to know what you can pack with you and the process of moving to Switzerland through international movers.

Swiss Culture

With a little patience and willingness to learn, it’s easy to get used to Swiss culture.

When greeting someone, it’s customary to shake hands, even if you know the person well. Men usually shake hands with other men, and women with other women, but men and women will shake hands with each other if they are introduced.

It’s considered impolite to be late for appointments or meetings, so punctuality is important. There’s a strong emphasis on recycling in Switzerland, so you’ll need to get used to sorting your rubbish.

Guide to live in Switzerland

Finally, don’t be offended if someone doesn’t want to give you their personal information – Swiss people are very private and value their privacy.

Get Started On Your New Adventure Today

If you’re thinking of living in Switzerland, this guide is a great resource. It covers everything from finding a place to live to learn the language and customs. You’ll have a better understanding of what it’s like to live in Switzerland.

And if you’re still not sure if it’s the right place for you, remember that there’s no harm in trying it out for a while. The worst that can happen is you’ll end up back where you started.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Swiss adventure today!

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