By 2022, the CBD market will reach $22 billion.

CBD is a cannabinoid in both the marijuana and hemp plants. It’s non-psychoactive; unlike the other main cannabinoid THC, CBD won’t get you high. Not only that, but CBD is packed with health benefits.

There are many ways to take CBD. A CBD oil tincture is one of the most preferred ways to take CBD.

Here’s everything you need to know about CBD tinctures and how to take them.

What Is a CBD Oil Tincture?

Before we can discuss the definition of a CBD oil tincture, we should explain how to extract the CBD out of the cannabis plant.

There are many ways to extract and isolate CBD. Using solvents is a common method. Solvents are liquids that dissolve a solute, thus forming a liquid.

During the CBD extraction process, a food-grade solvent, such as olive oil, extracts the cannabinoids out of the plant. Other solvents, such as a combination of alcohol and water, can also be used for more potent tinctures.

From here, we take the extracted cannabinoids to form the tincture. To ensure the tincture doesn’t contain any THC, most manufacturers extract CBD from the hemp plant as opposed to the marijuana plant.

The Benefits of Using a CBD Tincture

There are many ways to take CBD but many users prefer the CBD tincture. It’s versatile, safe, and effective. They’re easily absorbed into the body and the body digests them well. In addition, they have a long shelf life.

Manufacturers use a high-CBD strain of hemp to ensure you’re utilizing the healing powers of CBD.

How to Take a CBD Tincture

Now that you understand the process, how do you take the CBD tincture? There’s some information to know first.

Since powerful solvents are used to extract the CBD, it’s vital that you follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions. Most manufacturers recommend you take the CBD in small doses, even for veteran users.

The CBD tincture will come with a dropper. Start by dropping the recommended amount of CBD under your tongue. Hold the solution under your tongue for a few seconds, swish it around your mouth, and swallow.

If you’re not a fan of the taste, you can add CBD to a drink or even food.

Keep in mind, it will take about an hour to experience the CBD effects. CBD has to make it through your digestive system and absorb into your bloodstream in order for the CB2 receptors to latch onto your cells.

CBD Offers Many Health Benefits

There’s been a lot of buzz about CBD. But how do you take it? Many users prefer a CBD oil tincture because they’re easy to take, they’re flexible, and they’re effective.

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