When it comes to measuring compatibility with someone you have just started dating, usually the conventional methods come to mind, such as going to a restaurant or a bar, going to a party or the movies, so on and so forth. Depending on what you want from your relationship, there are several better ways to find if you are compatible with each other, especially if you are looking for a long term relationship. While the initial attraction is important to start things off, many other factors can help you decide if you would be able to continue the relationship.

Not all human characteristics are evident while we talk, eat, or drink. That is why partaking in other kinds of activities can help you to bring out the inner person within whoever you are dating. People tackle different circumstances in different ways, and the way each person approaches a situation can tell you a lot about their inner personality. In this article, we have tried to list a few unusual activities that can help you identify your compatibility with your future partner.

Here is the list

Consult an Astrologer

We are not talking about zodiac compatibility, where people check how Libra is compatible with Gemini and Leo and why it is not compatible with Cancer and Capricorn. Astrology has much deeper Vedic roots where a person’s traits and characteristics are determined by the position of various celestial objects at the time of their birth. Matching natal charts can reveal a lot about the ways two individuals will interact with each other. It is an effective way to know if what you are looking for in a person is present or not.

You can do this individually, or together and compare what you find out about each other. Many online websites list and review sites that host astrologers and other psychic services. Mysticmag is one such website that evaluates many sites. For example, the way Mysticmag checked Kasamba.com can give you a lot of pros and cons of consulting an astrologer from the latter. Consulting an astrologer together can also reveal if the other person is flexible and open to trying out new and unusual things.

Play a Game Together

Games and sports can bring out a lot of characteristics of a person, such as perseverance, patience, temperament, and many others. Getting competitive while playing is natural, but it will give you a chance to see how competitive the other person can get. Being competitive to some extent is necessary to progress in life, but being over competitive might be the sign of unresolved psychological issues. Sports can also give you an idea about the endurance limits of a person, which is essential if you are thinking of having a long term relationship. Sports can also tell you if the other person is a team player or prefers individualistic approaches to handling things.

Build Something

You can attempt to create something from scratch together. It can also be a piece of furniture from IKEA, or stairs to a treehouse in your backyard. Building something will reveal how compatible you are as a team, whether you argue a lot or get along peacefully. It will also expose who is a natural leader and who is the follower. It can also create a power struggle between the two of you to show who is in charge. Building something with instructions can reveal a person’s ability to stick to the norms or find his or her ways to handle things. It can also reflect a person’s intellect.

Go for an Adventure

Putting someone out of their comfort zone always brings out hidden traits in a person. An adventure is a perfect opportunity to bring a person or of their comfort zone and face real-life scenarios. Adventures can put people in situations where they have to think of their feet, which can be indicative of their decision-making capabilities. Many times it can show if the person has a sense of responsibility towards other people and the environment.


Not every person wants to roll up their sleeves or get their hands dirty. Volunteering is not only noble, but it can also be an opportunity to understand many traits of a person. For example, if a person gets assigned to the dishwashing section of a volunteer kitchen and does not shy away from it shows positive qualities. Volunteering allows you to work together and show you how compatible you are with each other.

While it may not seem obvious, indulging in unique activities can help you test your compatibility with another person healthily and proactively, something that you can never attain while talking to each other while eating or drinking. We hope these unusual ways can help you find the love of your life.

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