The year 2020 can be very eventful for you especially in career or business areas. The planet Jupiter is extremely supportive of your ruling planets and brings about the possibility of expansion and profits. From February the 19th until April the 19th, you will feel the positive effects of Jupiter, giving you the chance for travel, conquer new horizons, enter new relationships, and also venture into bigger areas of business. Be cautious that April the 20th to June the 21st bring about pressure on the planet Jupiter, so be careful about areas of speculation or gambling, and you may also suffer your confidence eroding.

Jupiter’s position becomes extremely strong in the period of June 22nd until August 21st, when the urge to look for recognition, or being able to get support from important people, all this gives you an upbeat move into the future. From September the 23rd to October the 23rd, be cautious that your plans can meet a rocky path. November the 22nd to December the 21st brings another surge of energy for you, that can tie up all the efforts of the past so that progress is ensured. 


This year  may bring about some pressure upon you, whether in personal relationships, in career or in business. The planet Jupiter remains neutral in your annual horoscope, and therefore much effort will be required if you wish to make any forward surge. Your desire for expansion can be met with opposition this year, unless you put forward a softer approach, or work along fixed lines. You will find that from January the 20th until February the 18th, there will be an unexpected and sudden interference to your plans, and also unexpected delays that frustrate you. Then, from February the 19th until March the 20th, the real opportunity comes. This is when you should plan for changes this year. March the 21st to April the 19th brings many ups and downs, especially in love and family areas. There are many hurdles to contend with. April the 20th to May the 20th becomes eventful for those whose ages are 20, 24, 29, 33, 38, 42, 47, 51, 56, 60, 65 and 69. It can bring the possibility of expanding your base and getting some power or authority. Almost every month this year produces some form of unsettlement and you will find this taking place from May the 21st until June the 21st as well. 

The planet Jupiter begins to enter a new phase from June the 22nd onwards this year, and this puts pressure upon you but at the same time prompts you to make the correct moves in the form of a change or expansion. From October the 24th to November the 21st, you need to be cautious that an over-daring attitude can land you into a situation that you won’t be able to control. After November the 2nd until December the 21st, you experience the possibility of travel. The last month of the year can become evident to losses.


The year  warns against taking shortcuts, speculation or gambling, all of which can land you into severe state of losses. The planet Jupiter in your case comes in a disguised form, showing the possibility of expansion but in fact tempting you into an uncontrollable situation. There is also pressure from the law and the government upon you. February the 21st until March the 20th produces a welcome period when you can advance, expand and experience foreign trade. This good period continues until April the 19th, after which you should become cautious that being blunt or too adventurous can make you lose control of any situation. Another awkward and difficult period is June the 22nd until July the 21st, when you will feel severe opposition to your plans. This includes personal relationship difficulties, a tension in family circles, and also health problems. In your case, the heart, liver and high cholesterol problems must be checked. From August the 23rd to September the 21st, there is a possibility for you to make the changes or to expand your base, but I would still caution you that the entire year can become unpredictably difficult. Therefore, move forward with caution. October the 24th until November the 21st brings many new meetings in the form of changes taking place or in relocation. November the 22nd until December the 21st is another difficult period for you when losses come easily and all your attempts prove to be a burden. 


The year  is going to be positively eventful for you and all your attempts are going to peak and bear fruit as you enter the period of June the 22nd to July the 21st. For a start, the period between February 19th to March 21st brings the start of getting good contacts or enjoying support. Another highlight is June 22nd to July 21st when you are able to tie up and confirm all the movement towards progress. After this period, you may experience a little setback from September 23rd to October 20th, especially if you depend on confirmation from others or the nod from higher-ups. 

All becomes under your control again when you move into the period of November 22nd to December 21st, and this includes foreign exposure or the possibility of quick expansion with profit. Be careful that you may end the year with some hesitancy, and this could be due to an over-expansion that you have been undertaking earlier on. 


The year 2020 can prove very profitable for you especially if you are linked to overseas business, or if you are in the business of promotions, marketing or travel. The planet Jupiter remains friendly to you this year, giving you the chance to attract positions of recognition, gaining favours from powerful people, and also being involved in charitable organisations. Until you enter February the 19th, you may not be able to take off with your plans, but then until April the 20th, you will experience a surge of luck and therefore get what you want. May the 21st until June the 21st brings some pressure upon you so it is good to consolidate rather than to keep on expanding. Be also cautious that September the 22nd until October the 19th, brings about disagreements and can make you regret your earlier moves. During this period, you will find that those who earlier supported you may now turn against you. All comes back to your control from November the 22nd onwards, and you may look back to realise a storm in a teacup. November the 22nd to December the 21st is when the fruits of your labour are borne, and you will secure in your efforts.


The year  will have many ups and downs for you, so don’t expect long-term plans to remain stable, but instead, you should flow with the tide and be flexible to the ongoing changes in your circumstances. The planet Jupiter is not so favourable to your rulers, and therefore brings about opposition for your superiors, the law or from the government. This may include trouble from municipalities. Be especially cautious that from February the 19th until April the 19th, you will find tremendous pressure put upon you in any area of your life so lie low and avoid shortcuts. Another difficult period emerges from June 22nd to July 21st when delays and frustration, and a danger of bring played out can occur. 

There are many ups and downs for you this year and although you receive some relief from August the 23rd to September the 21st, be especially cautious and look out for trouble if you are the ages of 15 or 16, 24 or 25, 33 or 34, 42 or 43, 51 or 52, and also 60 or 61, because Jupiter’s position turns against you and brings pressure, losses, break-ups, and illnesses during these ages in the year 2020. From November 22nd to December 21st, you will experience pressure from superiors, a danger of losing out in contracts or agreements, and of course stress and anxiety. 


In the year 2020, be prepared that your plans for expansion may not firm up easily, because the planet Jupiter is not very supportive of your efforts and you would experience many ups and downs this year. It is best to stay along long-term plans, rather than expecting quick returns. When you enter the period of March 21st to April 20th, you will find that opposition from superiors and those in power will upset you, and personal relationships are going to become rocky. It is only from August the 23rd onwards, that you will be able to control circumstances this year, and although Jupiter doesn’t bring severe breakdowns, yet it frustrates you when you can’t meet the standards you set for yourself this year. 

From October the 24th until November 20th,be careful of sudden upsets, differences with the law, legal problems overcoming you, and also a danger of accidents. After that until the end of the year, you are able to control your circumstances better. Overall, the year 2020 is best warned that you do not speculate too adventurously, that you do not make unnecessary changes, and that love affairs need to be cautioned.


This year supports your moves, bringing expansion and unexpected favours. The planet Jupiter remains neutral with the long-term Saturn, while he supports your efforts, makes you move competitive, and also brings about unexpected lucky breaks. When you enter the period of March 21st until April 19th, your plans ignite and you are able to move forward with confidence. But immediately after that, there shows a sign of unpreparedness, or having bitten off more than you can chew. This is how the planet Jupiter tempts you into over-expansion, so remain stable with your feet on the ground. 

From September 23rd to October 22nd, you may experience severe pressure from family ties or from employers, and it is best to lie low and not force a decision. The year ends quite favourably with you, and you will be quite ready to stabilise your situation so that you are well prepared for the year 2021. Overall, most of your plans can be fulfilled this year.


The year  brings the chance of fast expansion whether at your home base or in foreign lands, but not so in the field of speculation or gambling. The attempts you make this year can pay off in a grand way, bringing good contacts with powerful people, and also landing yourself in positions of authority and power. From February 19th until April 19th, you will experience good luck and win recognition for your efforts, get rewards in terms of money and also tie up with those you desire. Be careful that in the period of May 21st to June 21st, you will find ups and downs to upset you, and may become timid or unsure of your path. But this is quickly overturned as you enter the period of June 22nd to August 21st, when all things come back under control. It is not wise to travel from August 23rd to September 22nd, because the planet Jupiter is weakened and can’t offer you much protection then. Be a bit cautious from December the 22nd onwards, because your efforts may not be well sustained by you, and your entry in the year 2021 may be unprepared. Overall, you will enjoy a bigger area of responsibility and can meet people in authority and power. 


The year 2020 sounds many warning bells for you, and whether in your personal life, career and business, or as regards to your health, you need to be very careful that all things can go wrong. This would be especially so if you are the ages of 20, 21 or 25; 29, 30 or 34; 38, 39 or 43; 47, 48 or 52; 56, 57 or 61; and also 65, 66 or 70. During these ages, extreme anxiety and stress is set upon you, with a tendency for you to lose out. So you need to lie low in the year 2020 and worry that the damage created is not too large. Your problems are being magnified when you enter the period of February 19th to April 19th, when you will realise opposition and confrontation to your plans, a danger of separation or divorce, and a fear of losses which cannot be somehow stopped. Another round of attack comes in the period of June 22nd to July 21st, when your plans are overturned and there is much frustration for you. From September 23rd to November 21st, there is some relief for you, but you are advised to remain cautious. 

Overall, the year 2020 produces hurdles and burdens, and you are made to sacrifice your efforts for the benefit of others. This year can turn gloomy and can make you timid because your self-confidence will be eroded, you need to lie low and practise patience, and stick to long-term goals rather than expect quick returns.


The year 2020 remains favourable for long-term projects, but not for speculation or gambling. The planet Jupiter remains neutral to your rulers, and therefore a minimal change is better than too many of them. There will be a trend of a gloomy outlook or a moody one, so your personal life may not be as stable as you wish it to be. From February 19th to April 19th, you will experience a slowness, frustration and a feeling of anxiety, because the planet Jupiter remains unfriendly during this period. It becomes much more ferocious against you during the period of June 22nd to August 21st, when your position can be challenged, whether in career and business or in your personal life. This will be especially so, if you are the ages of 16 or 19, 25 or 28, 24 or 37, 43 or 46, 52 or 55, and also 61 or 64. During these ages, you will experience severe downfall and unhappiness, with a loss of recognition and authority, and a danger of being played out or being attacked by hidden enemies. The relief for you this year comes in short breaks as in the period of May 21st to June 20th and also August 23rd to September 21st. During these periods, you should make the most of your efforts and plan to concentrate in your endeavours. From July 23rd to August 21st, be especially careful that downfall can be painful, and separation in relationships and partnerships becomes evident. 

Overall, it is best to control impulsive urges or impatient attempts, because they can be easily undone in the year 2020. Due to the pressure upon you, be careful that your health is not neglected. 


The year 2020 promises you much advantage in the form of expansion, foreign travel, foreign contacts, and the support of large institutions or people in authority. The planet Jupiter is well positioned for you and will deliver reward to your efforts during the period of June 22nd to August 21st, when you can connect well with those you are dealing with, thus giving you an expanded base, good responsibility and success. Be careful that the periods of May 21st to June 21st and then again during August 23rd to September 21st can bring about little upsets that cause stress upon you. Take a breather during these periods, rather than wanting to bulldoze your way through. The planet Jupiter begins to deliver continually during the period of November 22nd to December 21st, thus giving you a good base. 

Overall, the planet Jupiter brings most benefit to those who are the ages of 15, 16 or 21; 24, 25 or 30; 33, 34 or 39; 42, 43 or 48; 51, 52 or 57; and also 60, 61 or 66. If you are these ages, then you will experience the most benefit from the planet Jupiter, and therefore be able to claim the most expansion and success. 

Those who are the ages of 22 or 23; 31 or 32; 40 or 41; 49 or 50; 58 or 59; and also 67 or 68, must be most careful, because Jupiter can bring about a false sense of success to you. 

Overall, the planet Jupiter is kind to your horoscope and allows you to tie up with large organisations or have the support of powerful people to back you.

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