When you think about a portable toilet an image of a construction site probably pops into mind. However, there are many other times when a portable toilet would be necessary. If you’re hosting a large outdoor festival or sporting event, think about how these installations can help you. And with portable toilets hire services in most cities, it’s easy to hire a few.

But what do you need to know about this unique niche?

Misconceptions When It Comes to Portable Toilet Hire

You may cringe when you’re at a large outdoor event and the only solution when you need to go is a portable toilet. In reality, there are many misconceptions when it comes to portable toilets that should make you feel better about using and hiring one. Here are some myths:

  • All portable toilets are smelly: Yes, this might be true at a rock concert with hundreds of people in attendance, but there are options to deal with the nasty smell. Chemicals can be added to the tank and the toilet can be cleaned after each use by hiring cleaning staff.
  • Portable toilets are only necessary on construction sites: Any type of large outdoor event where there is no conventional bathroom can benefit from a portable toilet. This includes weddings, home renovation sites and camping sites.
  • They are bad for the environment: This may have been true a couple of years ago, due to the chemicaln formaldehyde that was used to mask the odour. These days more earth-friendly products are used. Also, portable toilets use a lot less water than traditional toilets.
  • Only one toilet is needed at an event: Think about toilets as a lifeboat. If there is only one it will quickly become overcrowded. There will be long lines of people wanting to use it and your guests will end up feeling frustrated. A good rule of thumb to use is four units for every 100 people in attendance.
  • It’s expensive to rent portable bathrooms: Research has shown that it’s more cost effective in the long run. Having a sufficient number of toilets means less time waiting in lines and more time to shop and buy souvenirs.

Why Hiring a Portable Toilet is so Important

The number of toilets can make or break any event. How many times have you gone to an outdoor event and stood for hours waiting in a queue? Not only does this waste time, it also leaves guests feeling annoyed and less likely to spend money.

Most big events are filled with people drinking large amounts of liquid, and when you need to go, you need to go quickly. If you don’t have enough portable toilets you may see guests, especially males, using the bushes. This can be very upsetting to onlookers. Everyone needs to answer the call of nature, so it’s very important to have a safe, sanitary place to do so. The best solution is to have a number of toilets placed discreetly across your venue.

4 Benefits of Portable Toilets on Construction Sites

There are many benefits of having a portable toilet, whether you’re on a construction site, renovating a home or other work areas:

  • They are convenient. Having the facility on site saves time. Workers don’t need to leave the site for anything. If there is no running water a portable toilet is the perfect solution.
  • It keeps workers happy and increases productivity levels.
  • They are easy to install and don’t take up much space.
  • Allows you to easily manage hygiene and sanitation on site.

How Do Portable Toilets work?

The design of a portable toilet is similar to a conventional toilet. It gets rid of any waste. The main difference is, instead of the waste being released into the sewer, it’s stored in a holding tank beneath the toilet. This can get smelly since the toilet is only cleaned once the tank is full. This is why maintenance is an important aspect of using portable loos. That brings us to the next point.

Hiring Cleaning Staff for Events

If you offer a mobile toilet at your event it’s a good idea to hire cleaning staff. They should enter the facility after each guest and wipe down the seat with antibacterial wipes. Then they can use a strong deodoriser to help keep powerful odours at bay. Make sure you have a hand sanitising station or a place where your guests will be able to wash their hands.

Some Interesting Facts About Portable Toilets

Human waste may not be the most glamourous topic to think about, but it’s very important when planning certain projects. Here are some interesting facts about portable toilets that you may not know:

  • The first portable toilet can be traced back to the 1940s in World War II.
  • Portable toilets are ecofriendly and save water.
  • The liquid in the tank is blue to hide unwanted sights.
  • Toilet paper wasn’t invented till the 1800s
  • Use the first portable toilet in the row as this is the one that is used least and is normally the cleanest.

If you need to provide bathroom facilities for an event or construction site or many other scenarios—think sports event, craft exhibitions and more—then a portable toilet will be your best option. Think about how many you need and hire cleaning staff to make the experience more enjoyable for your guests.

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