Before deciding to buy any marijuana strain, itโ€™s important to research and choose the best cannabis product on the market. Remember that marijuana strains can usually have significantly different tastes and smells. This can be due to the terpenes they have or their terpenoid profile.

You see, some strains have fruity terpenes that provide a sweet taste and aroma while others offer floral, earthy, herbal, or spicy. One of the strains available on the market is the pink tuna strain. This post explains what you need to know about pink tuna strain.

Pink tuna strain

If you decide to buy a marijuana strain that offers a euphoric high, perhaps your best option may be a pink tuna strain. This strain has 30% Sativa and 70% Indica and was produced by crossing Tuna Kush and Pink Kush. You may be interested to know that its name originates from the Black Tuna which was a smuggling gang that brought in cannabis from Columbia around the 1970s.

The flower will not disappoint you because its effects can hit you quickly and hard. Even better, itโ€™s very potent as the THC is about 25 to 32%. It means this is not a flower ideal for new cannabis users. In other words, if you have not used marijuana before, it may make sense to look for another strain that is not as potent as pink tuna to try first.

Effects of pink tuna strain

When you use the bud, you will see cerebral effects. This can sometimes make you feel euphoric, unfocused, and you may drift into space. However, as you settle, your body may begin to feel tingly and relaxed. Above all, the pink tuna strain can offer you a strong couch-locked feeling.

Many users claim that they feel uplifted or hazy when using pink tuna strain, meaning they may burst into laughter now and then. You can then start feeling sleepy and begin to doze. This strain has a specific quantity of THC in it and gives sedative effects. So many people with cramps, depression, pain, or insomnia tend to use it. Itโ€™s also a great choice if you desire to manage chronic stress, and want to kick back and relax.

Many users also claim that this strain may make them feel sleepy, but they also get inspired. This may be because of the happy and light feeling you get when using the strain. Therefore, if you find it hard to overcome negative thoughts, then you may have to try this strain.

Pink tuna strain can also cause some side effects while smoking it. But these are minor side effects, such as dry eyes and dry mouth. So you just need to drink water to alleviate the dry mouth issues.

In some rare cases, you may have a little paranoid feeling after using this strain. Other people may simply feel a little anxious or nervous, though this happens if you take a higher dosage of pink tuna. As you can see, itโ€™s a good idea to take this strain if youโ€™re sure that you can handle these minor side effects.

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