The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every year, there are over 30 million accidents that occur in the US. “Accidents” aren’t limited to just car collisions. They can also include slips or falls inside a building or other accessible areas.

Were you injured in a slip and fall within one of these accessible areas? If so, then the courts can help you recover your damages when you demonstrate that another entity’s negligence is responsible. The best person to assist you with your recovery is a slip and fall accident lawyer.

Check out this handy guide to find out more on how these slip and fall accident lawyers can help you out. Do your homework now so that you can find the best assistance to help you recover from your injuries.

Slip and Fall Injury Defined

Slip and Fall Injury Defined

Slip and fall injuries are defined as injuries caused by a fall after someone trips or losses their balance. A slip and fall aren’t directly caused by another party. The problem arises when the facility or accessible area is left in a hazardous condition where someone might get hurt.

Business owners, by law, have a duty to maintain safe conditions on their property sites. They have a duty to warn visitors or employees of any known dangers that the visitors or employees might not know about and might accidentally discover on their own.

Business owners are responsible for securing repairs or warning guests of any unsafe conditions. This warning can include posting “danger/caution” signs in dangerous areas before3 the repairs are complete.

If you get hurt inside one of these hazardous facilities, the court system will provide you a framework to help you recover your expenses. You can begin this process when you hire a slip and fall accident lawyer.

What Can a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Do?

A slip and fall accident lawyer are the same as a personal injury lawyer. These legal professionals represent injured victims who can demonstrate that someone else’s negligent behavior is responsible for their injury. “Personal injury lawyer” can also include a car accident or cruise ship accident lawyer.

A slip and fall accident lawyer is a civil litigator. They specialize in a type of law described as tort law. They can also negotiate with insurance companies and business owners involved in the case. Approximately 90 percent of these injury cases negotiate settlements outside of the legal system.

When Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

When Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you’ve just been in an accident, it’s important to act as soon as possible after the injury occurs. It’s best to hire a motorcycle accident attorney if any of the following circumstances apply to your case.

Life-threatening Injuries That Require Hospital Time

If a life-threatening injury results in your case, you could be on the hook for extended hospital expenses to recover from your injuries. You might also suffer from accident injury symptoms that you can’t see right away.

Sometimes, swelling, scar tissue, or pain appear days after you were discharged from the hospital for your other visible injury. These symptoms are called delayed onset injuries. You can also recoup money to cover expenses for these types of injuries as well.

Impairment of Your Current or Future Lifestyle

Your current or future lifestyle could be impaired if there are continuing side effects resulting from your injuries. For example, you might be unable to return to your job, which translates into lost income for you. You may need to retrofit your home or car to accommodate any new health conditions.

You also might require ongoing lifetime care assistance as well. The cost of this medical assistance runs very high. A slip and fall accident lawyer will help secure your chances to receive funds to recover these ongoing lifestyle costs.

Injury Occurs on Hazardous Road Conditions or in Public Areas

As stated earlier, any accident that occurs in a publicly accessible building or transportation source should be discussed with your slip and fall accident lawyer. This includes reporting an episode on any transportation source, ranging from a public bus to a cruise ship accident.

Accidents that happen due to a dangerous road condition might involve multiple responsible government agencies with your personal injury claim. A slip and fall accident lawyer can help you complete any administrative claims with the appropriate city or county government office.

Injured parties can have close to six months to submit their claim. The governmental agency will usually have approximately 45 days to respond.

Pain and Suffering or Loss of Companionship

A slip and fall injury can create physical damage as well as emotional trauma. This is especially true if children are included in an accident that causes death or long-term damage to one of their family members. This trauma is called “pain and suffering”.

Most US states allow injured victims to recover damages for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering refer to emotional as well as physical damages created by injuries. A slip and fall accident lawyer will know if your case conforms to your state’s laws.

Conflicting Insurance or Medical Reports

Conflicting Insurance or Medical Reports

Any form of conflicting information contained within the insurance or medical reports could lead to a denial of your personal injury lawsuit. A slip and fall lawyer will conduct a separate investigation into your case. They can present their findings as well as yours and compare what’s spelled out in these other records.

If any of these reports contain conflicting facts that differ from yours, you should notify a slip and fall lawyer immediately.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Does your slip and fall accident resemble any of these examples? Then you should hire a slip and fall accident lawyer immediately. Their legal assistance can help you navigate the legal system so that you can focus on recovering your good health.

Find a legal professional with extensive experience in tort law. This experience will be helpful to you in court as well as through the settlement negotiation process.

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