Nothing screams ‘America’ more than making some good old-fashioned barbecue, and this is the case now more than ever. Americans have been spending more money than ever on home grilling, and the industry is expected to grow to over $7.2 billion by the time 2022 rolls around.

If you’re like most carnivores, sampling all the different BBQ styles in the US is likely pretty near the top of your bucket list. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular and delicious varieties of barbecue that you can get from various US regions.

So read on and learn some new ways to satisfy your taste buds

Texas Barbecue

As one of the most popular forms of BBQ all around America, Texas BBQ is a classic. It never goes out of style. However, there are actually many different types of barbecue in varying parts of the state that you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Read on to learn more about the differences between central, eastern, and western Texas dishes so that you can make sure that you try every single one.

Central Texas

When people talk about Texas barbecue, what they’re really talking about are dishes made central-Texas style. In this kind of BBQ, meat is by far the most important element. Sauces are slightly less talked about than they are in other regions, and exist to complement the meat rather than the other way around.

Central Texas BBQ generally is smoked over pecan or oak wood and is served in huge portions. The most popular dishes are ribs and brisket, which is often given to carnivores in generous, heaping portions at meat markets.

East Texas

While Central Texas is the place to get brisket, East Texas BBQ serves a basically equal amount of both pork and beef. While most BBQ is served sliced ad between two buns with barbecue sauce, that isn’t the case in East Texas. Instead, their meats are chopped up and served swimming in hot sauce.

West Texas

West Texas (or ‘Cowboy Style’) BBQ is heated more directly than its central and eastern counterparts. It’s cooked over something called a ‘mesquite,’ which gives it a flavor that’s even smokier than other Texas styles. Because it’s heated so directly over the source, it also tends to be very well done.

The Good Ol’ Carolinas

Like Texas BBQ, Carolina BBQ is actually composed of two styles- one for each state. There are quite a few similarities between dishes made in these styles, but they’re more different than they are the same. Read on to learn about this distinction and why you should dig into both of these different types before deciding which you like best.

North Carolina

When people refer to ‘Carolina BBQ,’ they’re talking about the delicious (and incredibly misunderstood) North Carolina BBQ. This region generally uses pork and serves it in a variety of ways. Whether pulled, shredded or chopped, Carolinians love their pig meat. Sometimes, the entire pig is barbecued and chopped up and then the chef will mix all parts of the pig together. This gives the diner the best of all worlds!

Before it’s smoked, it’s slathered with a spice mixture. It’s usually also mopped with a mix of vinegar and various spices while it grills. After the cooking is finished on an oak or hickory grill, it’s rubbed with a deliciously irresistible sauce.

South Carolina

South Carolina BBQ is cooked similarly to its Northern counterpart’s. However, the main feature of this style is in the sauce. Known as ‘Carolina Gold’ BBQ, this sauce has a yellowish color and is made from a mixture of yellow mustard, brown sugar, and vinegar. This distinct and delicious style of BBQ is something that every meat-lover needs to try.


When we talk about ‘Tennessee’ BBQ, we’re really talking about Memphis-style BBQ from that part of Tennessee. It comes in the form of two different dishes: ribs and barbecue sandwiches.

You can get ribs that are ‘wet’ or ‘dry’, meaning that they’ll either be slathered in sauce or seasoned with a dry rub respectively. Barbecue sandwiches are made from pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and a delicious coleslaw.

Memphis BBQ is easy and fun to make at home with these best pellet smokers. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors for some outdoor games and chats while you smoke some amazing ribs!


Although originally brought to Kansas by a Memphis man, Kansas-style BBQ isn’t much like what you’ll find in Tennessee. It doesn’t just use pork in the same way that people from Memphis do, but rather prides itself on a variety of meats. This isn’t limited to beef, pork, and chicken- no, barbecued lamb is something you’ll find a lot of in Kansas, too!

The sauce is the real kicker of Kansas BBQ, though, and is what the region truly prides itself on. This sauce is tomato-based and thick. It’s perfect for serving with french fries, which is essential to this style of BBQ.

Try Different BBQ Styles

While you’ve definitely heard ‘barbecue’ used as an umbrella term before, this category of food actually encompasses a huge variety of delicious dishes.

Now that you know the best BBQ styles from around America, it’s time to get some ideas on what you can serve along with your meat. Check out the ‘food’ tab on our page and look for recipes to make delicious slaw, corn on the cob, and cornbread muffins. We’ve got it all on our website.

Put on your bib and get ready to EAT!

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