If you live in Florida — or if you’re traveling to Florida this year — you might want to think twice before “chilling” with your girlfriend or trying to beautify yourself in the bathroom.

The truth is, some laws remain on the books decades past their prime throughout the United States, and the state of Florida is no exception. It is a well-known thing that you can ask specialists forΒ professional papers written on this topic.

So, what exactly is still off-limits in 2019 in the Sunshine State, as weird as it may be? Here’s a rundown on some weird laws in Florida you won’t believe still exist.

Weird Laws in Florida: No Horsing Around … If You Want to Live

Of course, motor vehicle theft is illegal in Florida. But did you know that stealing the horse of another man will also get you in trouble with the law?

The only difference is, with the former, you can expect to spend several years behind bars in Florida. But the latter is punishable by death via hanging.

That’s right. Hanging.

Another thing you don’t want to do — unless you have a death wish — is to use self-beautification tools in the bathtub in the city of Pensacola, Florida.

That’s because you obviously may get electrocuted by mixing water with electricity. But to add insult to injury, you may also receive a fine for your act — even though you’ve already died.

We know. Shocking.

(By the way, if you want to plan ahead for the future, it might behoove you to get in touch with a probate attorney sooner than later.)

Thinking about engaging in some hanky-panky with your significant other even though you’re not married yet? Think again.

In Florida, it is illegal for an unmarried couple to cohabitate and engage in “lewd acts.” By “lewd,” we mean anything considered to be sexually offensive.

If you ignore this law, you may be fined $500 and perhaps spend two months behind bars.

Another crime to avoid committing in Florida is prostitution, which may come as no surprise. But get this: if you’re caught working as a prostitute, you could be banished from Florida for five years.

Don’t have a lot of cash? Don’t worry. Officials will even give you that bus ticket you need to get out of the state.

Talk about charity.

And one more: if you’re in Tampa, Florida, there’s something you need to know before you provide a topless dance (in case you’ve been planning on doing this in 2019). You’re allowed to provide these dances, but you can’t reveal your breasts while you’re doing so.

Also, if you intend to give lap dances, be sure to do them from a distance of six feet minimum.

Let’s Not Ignore the Elephant in the Room

If you loathe parking fines, remember that the standard fees for parking apply for any elephant you tie to a parking meter in the city of Sarasota, Florida.

If you don’t move your elephant before the allotted time is up, you may be fined $25. Meanwhile, leaving your elephant in a handicapped space will get you a $250 fine. Maybe you need to “verify military service” if you need to pursue debt collection against a tenant that’s currently inactive duty.

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