As incorrect and inaccurate translations can bring you embarrassment and insult in the target markets, similarly inaccurate and wrong chemical translation services can have serious and irreversible consequences and could put the safety of the end users at risk with the facilities that they operate and function. The chemicals that are used in factories and industries are there for a reason and for executing the proper cycle and function. Therefore, the translator needs to be vigilant and proactive.

This is why chemical translation asks for super accurate services as good as the original document is or at times even better. The finalized text should be clear of all the errors as mistakes can cause confusion and ambiguities. There is no room for errors in this field. Errors in worst cases can even harm the body and surrounding too.

Translators need to be more than bilingual in the translation and should be having the subject matter expertise as those in medical translation services. Moreover, inaccurate and full of errors in translation can also put the reputation of the company at stake as well.

Two Important Ways To Tell How Wrong Chemical Translation Can Be Dangerous


The documents which are related to chemicals and medical and healthcare contain data that includes technical manuals, lab reports, research reports, audits, articles, and a lot more. These all documents follow a particular format and pattern with more technical language and content than a simple one. This is why it is imperative that the translation company that takes up the project for the translation of chemical files has expert translators who are not only professionals but also subject matter experts.

Here are the two ways in which wrong chemical translation can make people and companies pay for it.

1. When Simple Errors Could Result In Dire Consequences

chemical blast

It is important to know the importance of the warning labels, indicators, hazard signage, and other indicators of dangerous chemicals as these are not only acquired by the law but also required for the safety of the staff and people operating. The wrong and mistaken translation of these signs and labels can lead to serious injury to workers who are not technical enough to understand the signs and labels enough during their performance and duty hours.

Such situations just like the healthcare translation services can lead to a serious disaster and can also be a reason for investigations. It leads to questioning and probing and heavy fines are also imposed. The regulatory authorities may also sue the companies or could create problems for the workers and employees. The companies also have to work on the liabilities and are held responsible for providing inaccurately translated labels.

In order to make it more clear, nothing could be more relevant than the Tianjin port disaster in 2015. A series of errors in technical and serious documents with the misinterpretation of instructions on handling and storage of the chemicals at a Chinese warehouse led to a massive explosion with 173 casualties and $1.1 billion of damages to face.

Now, what were the errors which led to this destruction? Either the documents translated by machine translation or translation software? Or was it an immature translator who was probably not a native speaker and didnโ€™t comprehend the source language well and consequently could not deliver accuracy in the target language? This huge damage could have been avoided if the company responsible for it had hired professional translators or a translation agency and cross-checked the translation delivered by them. So the translation staff should not only be proficient in languages but should also be subject matter experts.

2. How Poor Translation Can Affect The Scientific Process


Be it chemical or life sciences translation services inaccurate translation can lead to a catastrophic situation. The negative consequences may include

  1. A lot of expensive and valuable chemicals and materials could go in vain due to the mistranslation of formulas.
  2. Inaccurate chemical and technical translation can be one reason to create hindrances in the scientific process as they cause the replication of experiments to be tough and at times even impossible.
  3. The mistakes and errors in the translation can lead to dire consequences where combining particular chemicals for formulas could be dangerous or deadly resulting in explosions. They better need to follow precise and accurate instructions and for that, they should be provided right and accurate translation.

Above mentioned details share how investing in chemical and professional life sciences translation services is evident. It saves the companies from a lot of hassles and problems. It can help against liability for accidents and injuries also ensuring that there is great productivity and less waste with peace of mind and confidence of having a right and accurate translation so that they can build a healthy working environment.

This investment is inevitable for the companyโ€™s reputation, helping staff members and end users as well as ensuring that accurate information is provided to all the stakeholders and business associates. It increases the probability of success while reducing liability for the intended audiences.

Final Words

Chemical and medical translation processes are sensitive as well as complicated processes. These fields require accurate and precise translations to avoid risks and hazards. The wrong chemical translation can be disastrous therefore it is important that professional translators are hired for this job.

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