It takes time to write a book. For some individuals, it’s a lifelong dream.

Having the patience to write a book is difficult. Of those with the desire, fewer than 0.1 percent of Americans have actually written one.

But why haven’t they? What’s the process of book writing and where do you start?

Becoming a best-selling author doesn’t happen overnight. Only a few individuals are, but you can start gaining some momentum by writing your first. Start by following these helpful tips and tricks before and during the project.

Purpose Behind the Book

Every book starts with who, what, when, where, and why.

Before starting your book writing process, you need an idea. You’ll never get past the first page of your draft without a few solid starting points.

Even then you might find yourself struggling. There might be a certain topic you want to write about, but you need more. Plot, characters, ending, they all play a massive role when writing a book.

Organization is Key

Understanding your book’s purpose ties in perfectly with the next step of book writing—organization and preparation.

Outlines are a great way to get your thoughts organized in front of you. Here you can decide on chapter breakdown, cohesiveness, and theme. The more you plan the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Create a schedule with times, dates, and deadlines, even if you’re not up against one. This will keep you manage your process and not set the book aside when the going gets tough.

Drafting the Product

Rough drafts are supposed to be exactly that—rough. They’re meant to be changed, altered, and twisted around before the final product hits the shelves.

Draft writing is the most important part of the finished product. Between your journey of writing, you might change the plot, development, or ending depending on your brainstorm.

Drafts give you the chance to let ideas bounce around and time to research or ponder new ideas. Make sure you’re not letting the drafts sit too long.

Understand the Audience

Writing a book should come from direct market research of the most popular books. If the book you’re expecting to write doesn’t gain much traction, it won’t succeed.

Use websites like to find the bestsellers today. Find what they have in common and see if your story fits in.

The more unique the idea the better. No one wants to read something they already have before.

All of this should happen before the publishing process. If you’re ready for the publishing process, give a try.

Find the Entrepreneur in You

Writing a book if a long, grueling process.

You need plenty of direction, determination, and most of all, patience. Like most entrepreneurial ventures, becoming an author means research.

Don’t jump into space without a “tool belt” full of solid information. Our website is updated daily to make sure you’re getting all the background you need with whatever you’re pursuing.

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