The conservative group World Net Daily is hosting a conference titled “Taking America Back” this weekend at Miami’s Doral Golf Resort and Spa. Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann will speak today, as will congressman and Colorado governor candidate Tom Tancredo, whose speech is titled “Invasion: The Erosion of America’s Sovereign Borders.”

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter was originally scheduled to appear, but World Net founder Joseph Farah disinivited her after she accepted an invitation to give a speech to the gay conservative group GOProud. Farah objected that Coulter was “legitimizing” a group that supports same-sex marriage and open enrollment for homosexuals in the military — “not to mention the idea that sodomy is just an alternative lifestyle.” Coulter has said Farah’s move was solely for “publicity alone.” She went on to criticize Farah for not caring about the conservative movement, and for promoting the “birther nonsense” that she explained was “long ago disproved.”

The event is expected to draw about 1,000 participants.

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