Do you want to get into web design but don’t know where to begin? Although there are many places to start, WordPress is one of the best!

If you aren’t familiar with it, WordPress is a platform that allows you to create and customize websites. It offers even more from there, making it a great starting point in web design for beginners.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Here’s a quick guide to what WordPress is and how it works. Let’s get started!

What Is WordPress?


In simple terms, WordPress is a powerful blogging and content management tool for individuals and businesses alike. But that’s not all.


You can also use WordPress for e-commerce, portfolios, forums, and more. It all depends on how you customize the website design!

WordPress Key Features

WordPress has several key features that make it stand out from its competitors. These include the following:

Search Engine Optimization

The tool incorporates SEO when you create content. That way, your site’s content can rank at the top of search engines and appear as one of the first results.

Site Speed

The WordPress framework eliminates any code that causes your site to slow down when it loads.

Media Library

You can upload and embed different media files in every post through WordPress itself. It even allows you to make minimal edits to images.

Custom Menu

You can customize the navigation menu on the page. It means you can add custom links or your own!

How to Use WordPress

To get started with WordPress, all you have to do is make an account. The rest of the functions are free to use!

Prepare a domain name, quality web hosting, and a WordPress platform on your computer or mobile. Once those are ready, you can move on to website development.

Create a WordPress Page

working on WordPress

Before you start making posts, you should set up your WordPress page. Here’s how to create one.

Head to the Pages tab and click the Add New button. Click on the plus sign in the top left of the editor to choose a block.

Add the text and images you want to include. You can also lay them out. Schedule when to publish your website.

Create a WordPress Post

After setting up the page, you can start creating posts. Here is how to do it.

Go to the Posts tab and click Add New. When the editor opens, you can choose between visuals or text when adding content.

Once your content is complete, click save and preview or publish. You can also click here to learn how to manage WordPress slugs.

Create Users in WordPress

If you’re creating a business website, you should add more users to access and manage the page. Here’s how it goes.

Expand the Users menu. Click the Add New button.

Input your personal information, along with your login credentials. Select the subscriber role for the new user.

Can You Make Money on WordPress?

Yes, you can make money on WordPress, even if it’s just a personal website. There are many jobs tied to how you can use WordPress.

These include, but are not limited to, web development, content writing, website maintenance, and more.

Kick Off Web Design for Beginners With WordPress

wordpress typing

Web design for beginners is easy when you use WordPress. It offers all the functions and features you need to start your journey!

Want more web and design tips? Check out the rest of our blog.

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