Interviews can be daunting, but looking your best can help give you the confidence you need to give your next interview your best shot. Looking professional also helps your chances of getting the job, as no one wants to hire someone who looks messy or unprofessional.

If you are getting back into the interview game, or are just starting out, keep reading for our guide to fashionable interview attire for women that can help you get the job.

The Blazer: Your Best Friend

The Blazer

Not only is a blazer great for an interview, but it’s also such a classic office staple. There are so many different ways to wear blazers, and it’s a simple way to add a layer of professionality to every outfit. A classic way to style with a blazer for an interview is to keep it simple.

Pair a navy or black blazer with a white button-down and slacks or a pencil skirt for a simple, professional look. Pair this with a simple heel and minimal jewelry. You want to make sure that you are the main attraction, don’t distract your interviewer with flashy or colorful accessories.

While we like a simple black or navy blazer for the interview, once you’ve got the job, you can be more experimental. We love the trends we’ve been seeing with a pop of color blazers. For fall and winter, we love maroon or wine-colored blazers, and pale pinks are perfect going into spring.

Black Trousers: An Easy Go-To

This easy pant option is another great interview and office staple because they go with everything, and tend to be much more comfortable and versatile than skirts and dresses.

We love a cuffed black trouser as an alternative to slacks because it leaves you more comfortable and with much more pairing options when it comes to shoes. The trimmed length allows you to wear heels and pumps in the warmer months, trading them out for heeled boots in the winter. They can even be paired with a cool pair of sneakers on casual Friday.

Pair your black trousers with your black blazer and white undershirt for a look you can’t go wrong with.

The Trenchcoat: Back on Trend


Trenchcoats are back in style, and we’re loving them for the colder months. The longer length allows for much more warmth. Pairing it correctly can leave you with a super stylish girl boss look.

Not only are trenchcoats fashionable, but they are also super durable for the on-the-go city girl who may have to traverse through snow or rain. Pair your trench coat with your black trousers or slacks, and a white button-up for a simple and neutral look. For colder months, this outfit looks super cute with your favorite heeled boots.

The Shirtdress: A Dress to Impress

This is a great option for any girl who loves to wear a dress but still wants to look professional. We love a button-down, long-sleeve maxi option. Roll the sleeves up to leave your hands accessible.

We love the cream color for spring, which can be paired with subtle pops of colors, such as a maroon handbag and pumps. Belt it for a more flattering look and pair it with your favorite eyewear.

Need to up your glasses game? Glasses are a chic way to look professional but a trendy option is a must. Head to this guide to top designer glasses to get the perfect pair for your interview.

The Jumpsuit: A.K.A, The Powersuit

Jumpsuits are trending both for work and play. We love this option because it is so awesomely easy. Don’t worry about pairing pants and a top, or re-tucking in your shirt all day, and still get the comfortability by not wearing a dress.

We love a solid-colored jumpsuit (stick with black or navy to be safe), layered with a blazer and paired with heels. The jumpsuit can give a polished and structured look that is also totally trendy and fun.

The Duster Vest: For Something Different

We love duster vests because they have the same long length as a trenchcoat without the structured sleeves. They look great paired with your favorite long sleeve blouse or turtle neck and a pair of trousers.

Belting it can be a great way to add detail and become more flattering. Pair with heels and a clutch to complete this elongated and unique professional look your going for.

Culotte Pants: Put a Spring in Your Step

The culotte pant is great for the spring and summer months. While they are still professional with their long length and high waist, they also give you so much more breathing room and mobility during warmer months.

We love a chambray option for spring, paired with a white button-down, a sienna slide, and a clutch, with gold accessories. This is an effortless-looking option that is still so stylish. This is a great option to pair with your favorite white tee on casual Fridays, and can also be worn more casually outside the office.

Try These Trends

While what you wear to an interview will depend on the season, and the job your interviewing for, try one of these options that are most appropriate to look stylish and professional at your next interview.

Looking your best for an interview will put you on your A-game and impress your future employer. Keep this interview attire for women guide in mind next time your shopping for your office and interview wear.

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