Democrat Alvin Brown has a mere 603-vote lead over opponent Mike Hogan in the tightest Mayoral race in Jacksonville’s history. According to Duval County’s election site, Brown currently has 50.16 percent of the vote, while Hogan has 49.84 percent.  Though the results includes partial absentee ballots and early voting ballots, they do not yet include provisional ballots.

More than 190,000 votes were cast, and roughly 1,600 remain to be counted. Jacksonville’s Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland said that he hoped to have results by Friday.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the slim lead could mean a recount.

If the margin ends up smaller than one-quarter of one percent, about 500 votes, elections staff would also have to look for voting errors on every absentee ballot, which could drag the results out even longer. The last recount in Duval County was the 2000 presidential election.

If elected, Brown would be Jacksonville’s first African-American mayor and the first Democrat to be elected in ten years.


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