Delicious food and fine wine are a match made in heaven, especially if you know how to find the perfect wine pairings for your palate.

Whether you’re new to learning how to pair wine with food or in need of some inspiration, it’s easy to find the ideal wine matching to go with any dish.

Read on for some of the best wine pairings that go with some of the yummiest recipes from Lidia’s cookbook so you can enjoy every meal with a touch of sophisticated fun.

Food and Wine Basics

Before you dig into specific wine pairings, it’s important to understand how the different wine flavors work. Wine does not contain the fatty, spicy, and salty components that nice food does, but it does feature varying degrees of sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.

As you choose your wine, remember that red wine will always be more bitter than white wines or rose. Sparkling wines, white wine, and rose all have higher levels of acidity, and sweet wines of course are naturally sweet in flavor.

When you think about your favorite recipes, consider the main taste building blocks, such as fat and salt. A barbecue recipe may also contain sweet and spicy flavors in addition to the classic salty and fatty components, for example. The more complex your flavors are, the more freedom you have when choosing a wine.

Vegetables like a fresh salad will provide your palate with a potent acidic and bitter flavor. Cooked veggies like a creamed corn dish will bring fatty and sweet flavors to the mix. Think about the flavors of your recipe and how they will mesh with your chosen wine.

If you need help finding a great wine, you can go online to sites like Country Wine and Spirits online. Look at the different types of wine available as well as their flavor profiles to help you make a decision.

Wine Pairings with Earthy Flavors

From portobello mushrooms to truffles, this food offers a nutty, earthy flavor that creates a range of savory dishes. Recipes from Lidia’s cookbook like chicken and mushroom casserole or garlic mushroom quinoa go well with a Pinot Noir or Dolcetto.

Since these are red wines, they have a higher level of acidity that balances out the earthy flavor of mushrooms. Their light-bodied profile and savory depth balance well with mushroom-based dishes.

Match a glass of Pinot Noir with a cooked mushroom dish to experience an incredible wine pairing. You can use a wine pairing chart to help you match the perfect wines with any flavor, including mushrooms and other savory ingredients.

Pairing Wine with Beef and Pork

From delectable Asian dishes like Lidia’s cabbage rolls to her glazed pork ribs, you’ll want to choose a wine that refreshes your palate after every single bite. Look for a California Cabernet, a Bordeaux, or a Bordeaux blend to match with these types of dishes.

With a deep tone and firm tannins, these types of wines pair wonderfully with anything from steak and beef to lamb chops. Combine your favorite red wine with anything containing beef or pork for an incredible flavor experience.

When you clear the palette, each bite you take seems fresh and new. It’s also a great way to fully experience the many flavors in complex dishes since these wines will refresh your mouth and will really allow you to appreciate the many depth of flavors they contain.

What to Pair with Cheesy and Creamy Dishes

Recipes like a classic Italian lasagna or Lidia’s bolognese sauce feature rich textures with cream, cheese, and high levels of fat. Depending on the main type of cheese (ie. sharp or mild) you’re eating, you can pair the meal with white or red wine as you enjoy your favorite dish.

When it comes to choosing an easy wine pairing, consider a dry rose for your creamy, cheesy meals. This wine features the acidity found in white wine, but also the fruity notes of a delicious red.

Drinking a dry rose gives you the perfect balance when eating something filled with cheese or cream. Have a glass with your favorite Italian meals or anything that features an assortment of cream and cheese to brighten up your palate.

Dessert and Wine

When it comes to wine matching, there’s nothing better than your favorite glass along with a delectable dessert. From Lidia’s caramel apple bread with cinnamon and nutmeg to chocolate cheesecake brownies, a variety of wines do well with specific sweet flavor profiles.

For fruity desserts like peach cobbler or cherry pie, pair it with a fabulous Reisling. This wine features notes of green apple and citrus that will instantly brighten up a sweet and fruity dish. The acidity and fruit flavors cut through the sweetness of cobblers, yet they also enhance the fruit flavors for a fantastic combination.

Spicy desserts like carrot cake or anything with cinnamon pair wonderfully with a dry Sherry wine. These wines are light and help prevent an overly sweet flavor when mixed with spice-based desserts.

Red wine is a fantastic option for anything containing chocolate. The bold, bright taste of a great red wine makes eating anything with chocolate a delightful event.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Try these amazing wine pairings with recipes from Lidia’s cookbook for an amazing meal or dessert. Whether it’s a dry red or a bright Resiling, the sky is the limit when you match wine with your favorite foods.

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