According to the FBI, 1+ million burglaries occur every year. That’s close to one burglary or home break-in every 26 seconds. How do these burglars break into homes or commercial properties? A recent study suggests that 22% of burglars break in through windows, particularly windows on the first floor.

These figures aren’t meant to scare business owners. But, if you assume burglars won’t target your store or office – you better think again. One of the most critical business investments that a company can make is investing in advanced security systems. A good burglary detection system should feature –

  • Motion Sensors
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Cloud-Based Monitoring Tools

Unfortunately, most small-scale businesses can’t afford to acquire these advanced security systems. Thankfully, these businesses have a cheaper yet amazingly effective alternative – custom-printed window stickers. Yes – custom-printed stickers that feature security messages or warnings to potential burglars are great at deterring burglary or break-in threats.

How to Use Security Signs on Window Stickers to Deter Burglars

As stated above, windows are the most frequently targeted locations by burglars. So, installing custom-printed window stickers on your store or office windows makes total sense. Here are three messages you can print on these custom stickers to deter potential burglars from breaking in –

1. “Don’t Activate the Alarm System by Touching this Window”

Don’t Activate the Alarm System by Touching this Window

Burglars have simple plans – enter and exit the victim’s property without creating too much noise. When they read signs claiming that the property they’re about to breach is full of alarms, they reconsider their plans. The last thing burglars need is loud alarm systems waking everybody up in the neighborhood.

Let potential intruders know that your neighborhood will know about their crimes as soon as they touch your windows. The fear of loud alarms exposing their activities will deter them from committing the actual crime. Plus, people in your neighborhood will also admire your attitude towards security.

2. “Pose for my CCTV Cameras!”

Pose for my CCTV Cameras

This is a slightly sarcastic message that can send shivers down the spines of people planning to intrude on your property. It basically informs burglars that the property is full of devices that will track their crimes. Motion sensors, door sensors, glass break sensors, etc., track every movement of criminals who break into commercial properties.

Burglars know how these security systems work. They don’t want their identities or their crimes to be immortalized on film. So, signs that feature these types of messages are extremely effective.

3. “You are Under Surveillance”

You are Under Surveillance

A simple video surveillance sign is powerful enough to deter would-be intruders from carrying on with their plans. The latest home surveillance systems perform 24×7 monitoring. They feature AI-based programs that automatically notify the authorities whenever they detect potential intrusions.

Burglars know all about these advanced security systems. That’s why they stay away from properties where such security stickers are installed. The mere presence of these security stickers on your store’s windows will keep potential burglars away. If your company is seeking cost-effective security solutions, install some customized security stickers now!

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