You probably have heard about how PRP facial treatment can clear the wrinkles on your face, reduces facial skin sagging, eliminate lines, and make you look many years younger. But you have your doubts. Find out here how true it is.

Are you worried about those wrinkles on your face? You want them off, but you cannot afford surgery or too scared of it. Well, you must have heard about a vampire facelift. This might, in fact, just be the right option for you. For your option is it best talk to a medical aesthetic clinic such as Canada MedLaser Vaughan.

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) facial treatment is nicknamed vampire face because it involves micro-needling blood to your face. Though the objective is to give you a better facial look, the procedure is a medical one rather than a cosmetic one.

What is PRP Facial Treatment Used For?

PRP facial treatment is used to treat wrinkles, acne, lines, sagging of the facial skin, and all aging signs on the face. It also improves facial complexion and makes one look younger. It is not magical, but treatments on many people have shown that it is effective, and it might just be the secret to the fountain of youth.

How Does it Work?

Human blood consists of the liquid part called plasma and three different cells dissolved in it. The white blood cells are responsible for fighting diseases; the red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen, while the blood platelet helps the blood to clot and heals wound. The healing properties of the platelets are made use in the PRP treatment.

Platelets’ ability to heal wounds has been known for a long time, and doctors have been using it to treat sportsmen who have injuries to accelerate their recovery. Recently, it has been discovered that the platelets can also be used to heal the face of all lines, spots, and damages and make one look many years younger. Platelets help in the formation of collagen, a proteinous structure that binds the cells together.

The procedure involves three steps. First, blood will be drawn from your hand. And then, it will be separated inside a centrifuge, and red blood cells will be removed. The remaining blood containing a high percentage of platelet will then be injected onto your face with micro-needling. Micro-needling alone can trigger the production of collagen, and when it is combined with the platelet-rich plasma, the effects become more pronounced.

Although the concentration of platelets in the blood is just about 6%, when the red blood cell is removed, and the plasma is concentrated, the percentage of the platelet can go as high as 94%. That makes the platelet to be rich in plasma and has good healing properties.

Why Should I Go For PRP Treatment?

  • There could be many options to treat your face, so, if you need more motivation to choose PRP treatment over other options, the major advantages of PRP are stated below:
  •  It is a safe procedure.
  • PRP treatment uses one’s own blood, hence eliminate the risk of allergy or reactions.
  • It could be done within 40 minutes to one hour.
  •  It produces good results.
  • You return to work the following day.
  •  It is affordable.

However, as this procedure has many benefits, it also has some side effects. Let’s look at the possible risk you are taking if you go for a PRP facial treatment.

What Are the Side Effects of PRP Facial Treatments?

This procedure side effects are nothing special than what you should expect when you have needles on your face. They include:

  • Pains
  • Redness of the face
  • Bruising
  • Face swelling

Very importantly, you must ensure your blood is properly handled before it is injected into your face. This is to prevent infection.

Who Should Avoid the Treatment?

As stated earlier, PRP simply involves taking blood from your hand and smear it on your face, so it is safe for everybody except people with blood-related problems and other diseases that might have compromised the functioning of their blood. The following people should avoid PRP face treatment:

  • People suffering from blood cancer, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS
  • People taking a blood thinner
  • Pregnant women
  • People with skin cancer affecting the face

How Long Does it Take to Get Result?

PRP is a medical procedure, but it is usually done to enhance beauty. So, if you go for the treatment, you will want to know how long it will take for people to start complimenting you. Don’t get your hope up; it won’t happen the next day. But it is a matter of weeks. You can expect the result about a month after the procedure.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

PRP facial treatment is not a once-off treatment. Of course, you keep on getting old every day, and you can’t expect one procedure to clear the effect of aging off your face. Therefore you need to repeat the procedure from time to time.

Many dermatologists recommend the treatment to be done three times at a monthly interval. After that, the effect may last for between one year to two years before another series of the procedure will be necessary.

The Take-Away

The ability of the plasma to produce collagen, which supports proper binding of the cells, is used in PRP treatment. The procedure takes blood from your arm, removes red blood cells from it, and concentrates the plasma. The plasma, which is rich in platelet is then injected into the face. It can be used to improve facial appearance and reduce the sign of aging.

While it is a safe procedure, people who have blood cancer, HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis C, or skin cancer at the face should avoid it. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid it. PRP facial treatment may be repeated about three times to be effective, and the effect of a series of the procedure can last up to a year.

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