Did you know that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use at least one Salesforce app? It is the #1 CRM (customer relationship management) system in the world for a very good reason. The problem is that Salesforce doesn’t offer a free version of their software (only 3 pricing tiers).

So there’s no way you can try their software out to see if it works for you or not. It’s a huge commitment to move over to a new CRM system, so it’s better if you can test it out first. That’s something you can do with a free CRM system.

Let’s read on to see if a free CRM software will meet your business needs or not.

Free CRM Systems Will Not Give You Access to Everything

CRM Systems

Even though you might think that a free CRM system is a great option for you if you are on a budget, the problem is that a free CRM system usually only gives you access to some basic functionality. If you want to get more than the basics, you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Too many business owners get sucked into a free CRM system solution, but then realize too late, that if they want any of the important functionality, they will need to pay more. If you have already set everything up on that software, you are less likely to move to another free solution.

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It’s Usually Only a Short-Term Solution

CRM software

That’s why getting a free CRM system is usually considered a short-term solution. If you know that you only need to use the CRM software for a few months, and then you can move over to a new paid system, or you can upgrade from free to paid, then go ahead.

But don’t think that this free software will serve you until the end of time. If your company grows, and expands, you will need to find a better CRM solution.

Free CRM Systems Also Don’t Come With a Lot of Expert Guidance

setting up a CRM system

The final problem with free CRM systems is that they don’t come with any help or expert guidance. You are essentially on your own while fumbling about with this CRM system. If you don’t know anything about setting up a CRM system, it could take you quite a while to set everything up on your own.

A Free CRM System Is a Good Option Until You Have Budget for a Paid Solution

The gist of this article is that you are more than welcome to use a free CRM system until you have the budget to upgrade to a paid solution. It might not be the ideal solution for you right now, but it will work well enough until you can pay for all the additional features.

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