Most companies will spend roughly 11% of their revenue on marketing. For your small business, 11% could mean a substantial amount of the cash you generate.

Whether you’re an established marketing spender or are new to the game, it’s important as you part with marketing dollars that you know what the most cost-effective channels are.

That brings us to the purpose of our post; discussing customized signs.

Customized signs are signage you buy from professional printers that can be printed/cut to your specifications. These signs are used for everything from external advertising to in-store navigation.

Curious to know how signs can help your business? If you are, keep reading to find out more!

1. Capture Valuable Foot Traffic

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, what person is more important to get your marketing message out to than somebody that walks by your store every day? The answer to that question is nobody.

Online ads will target large swaths of people that may or may not exist in your vicinity. Signs will absolutely connect with people that have the immediate ability to be your customer.

That kind of hyper-targeting is worth investing in.

2. Gain Passive Impressions

When somebody clicks on your online ads, you get charged money. When people see your sign and choose to do business with you, it doesn’t cost you anything. When people walk by your sign, read it, and make a mental note of your brand, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Customized signs are a marketing channel that you pay for once and then enjoy the benefits of, free of charge, for the foreseeable future. When you compare that to PPC (pay per click) expenses, it’s clear that customized signs represent a better deal.

3. Stock Signs Rub People the Wrong Way

Why go with customized signs when you can head over to a big-box store and buy a stock “Sale” sign or “We’re Open” sign, right? Well, for starters, using stock signs may leave the wrong impression on your customers.

If your business has a bunch of generic signage outside of it, customers might think your company isn’t financially stable or that you haven’t put any thought into your brand. That may lead to negative inferences about your products.

Custom signs help establish your uniqueness and professionalism. That impression can substantially increase your sign’s effectiveness.

4. Low-Cost Advertising at a Time Where That Matters

If you’re like most companies, you’re feeling the pinch of 2020’s down economy. Amidst that hardship, customized signs represent a great way to attract customers and improve customer experience all at a low cost.

That high return on investment matters now more than ever.

Customized Signs Could Be Your Business’ Secret Weapon

As a small business owner, you’re likely weighing hundreds of different means of marketing. We hope the benefits of customized signs we’ve shared have tipped you off to the fact that signage is a secret weapon companies like yours can benefit from tremendously.

Invest in business signs today to see those benefits for yourself!

Curious to know more about custom signs and other business marketing mediums? If you are, dive deeper into the content we have available on our blog!

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