Ever had to stumble in the dark because the electricity went out?

It pays to come prepared in an emergency situation. At most, having only a smartphone won’t suffice in such moments.

This is where an EDC comes to play. It stands for Every Day Carry among preppers and survivalists. It pertains to what they often bring in preparation for emergency situations.

While a phone is among the other items listed, there is one other item that can prove useful when you are in the dark: a tactical flashlight.

But why a tactical light instead of the standard flashlight? What makes it different and better? Today, we will look into the tactical flashlight and how it can be useful in a pinch:

1. What is a Tactical Flashlight?

You might be wondering what a tactical flashlight is and what it does.

We have encountered advancements in technology in the form of multi-purpose smartphones. But there is something that a tactical flashlight that a smartphone could not: a concentrated beam of light.

Tactical lights started as military tools, functioning as dedicated lights that could attach to a firearm. Their beams are sharper, easier to aim, and much stronger. This made them easy to use and could blind an enemy target, giving a soldier enough time to fire first. The best tactical flashlights construct a feature set and that eases your mission and that is more than shining light for you in the dark.

A tactical light also works well with infrared filters, which makes them compatible with night vision goggles.

2. What Are the Features Offered?

What does a tactical flashlight offer that a regular flashlight doesn’t? As mentioned, tactical flashlights use LEDs, producing bright light for longer periods and for less energy.

It’s true that a Maglite can provide the same type of luminosity. However, a tactical flashlight is more durable thanks to their anodized aluminum body. Thus, it can withstand punishment and harsh use in the wild.

Some flashlights can double as close-quarter weapons during an emergency situation. This makes it perfect for self-defense.

3. Why You Need to Own One?

You might be thinking that a smartphone or a Maglite flashlight would suffice. What are the good reasons behind owning a tactical flashlight, then?  

To help answer that question, here are some reasons why having the best tactical flashlight is a boon for you:


One reason that vouches for tactical flashlights is for self-defense. The flashlight’s brightness can blind assailants when you flash it over their eyes.

This capability to inflict temporary blindness can help you maneuver away from the threat or get into a position where you have the advantage.

Also, certain tactical flashlight designs have bezel edges. It can act as a versatile tool in breaking windows. But it can also help as an improvised blunt weapon when placed in the right hands.

Another aspect of self-defense is that its size can work well when using a firearm. Not only does the light disorient an intruder, it also gives you a clear shot. If you wish to learn more, check out these defensive techniques that you can use with a flashlight.

It Helps with Identifying Threats

A flashlight’s purpose is to shed light on dark areas. It helps in finding a safe pathway and prevent any form of accidents. It also helps you identify potential hazards in areas you are traversing through when the sun sets.

Regular flashlights get weaker with distance. This won’t be a problem with a tactical light. You can use it to quickly identify wild animals even when they’re out in the bushes at night.

Helpful Tool During Emergencies

Flashlights prove to be a crucial item to have in emergencies such as power outages. A cellphone, while applicable in that regard, may end up losing its battery over long periods of use.

Thus, have your phone ready for making emergency calls instead. Have a separate flashlight to provide illumination.

The fact that it’s also compact makes it easy to carry without being bulky. Due to its design and material, tactical flashlights also provide a better grip to prevent you from having it slide from your grasp.

Also, other tactical flashlight models have different light modes to suit the occasion.

One of which is the Beacon or SOS mode, which you can use when calling for help. This mode sends out short bursts of light, alerting anyone in the area that someone needs assistance. This is ideal when you can’t audibly call for help, like when you’re stuck under rubble or lost at sea.

Easy Access

Older flashlight models need four D Cell batteries. They shed light well but they also tend to be rather bulky. With the introduction of the Maglite, flashlight designs began to go into a compact size with switches at the tail ends.

This development process shows two things that tactical flashlights provide in its design. It is small enough to carry with you that you can have it either sitting in your pocket or hanging by your belt clip. It is also easy to use with its tail-end button switch.

No Laws Prohibiting Tactical Flashlights

While there are laws that may allow the carrying of guns and knives, they require permits and have strict regulations behind them. There are areas that you can’t bring any of these legal weapons at all, such as the airport or any restricted area.

Carrying a flashlight holds no penalty, whether you carry them out in the open or have them concealed. Tactical flashlights have this advantage.

There are no laws regulating or prohibiting them. They can be of any size and shape.

Consider Getting a Tactical Flashlight Today!

Is it for survival, self-defense, or as an item for use during emergencies? Whichever reason comes to you, a tactical flashlight can prove useful for any situation at hand.

Best to let your smartphone do other tasks and leave the flashlight to illuminate your path in the dark. Get a tactical flashlight today.

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