Did you know that it is estimated that video makes up around 82 percent of all internet traffic as of the year 2021? Video transcription is a simple step to take. It won’t increase your video transcription cost by much and will provide a number of benefits for all of your audience.

More and more businesses are discovering the importance of transcribing their videos and using video transcription for marketing purposes. It is important that you keep up with these trends as a business owner if you want to be at the forefront of your industry. A big part of making moves to transcribe your video is understanding the benefits it provides.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about the benefits of video transcription for both your audience as well as for your business. Keep reading this article to learn why you should invest in media transcription today.


White Label SEO

One of the main reasons why getting video transcription is a great idea for your business’s video content is to make it more accessible. Members of your audience that are hard of hearing or deaf will have a difficult time receiving the message that you’re trying to send out with your video content without video transcription.

The reason behind the implementation of closed captions for movies, TV shows, and online videos was to help those that are hard of hearing with getting the same viewing experience as the rest of the audience. The text would get synchronized with the audio so that every member of the audience would be on the same page.

Some people might not think that there is a large segment of the audience that would fall under the category of hard of hearing or deaf. By not investing in video transcription, you’re excluding around 48 million members of your audience with each video that you produce and post.

People that are hard of hearing won’t linger long to watch your video content if they discover that it isn’t transcribed so that they can watch and enjoy it. You’ll provide them with a wonderful viewing experience. You’ll also get your message out to a larger audience when you get video transcription services.

Another big reason why you need to consider transcribing your videos is because of legal compliance for your video content. The majority of people that suffer from hearing loss are either in the educational system or in the workforce. There are numerous anti-discrimination laws in place that you need to abide by with your video content.

These laws are in place to protect the rights of people that suffer from disabilities like deafness. They’re meant to allow access to the same knowledge and resources. This often means that you need to include closed captions in your videos. They allow people that suffer from deafness to access and enjoy the content that you’re creating.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to invest in the video transcription cost for your videos. Keep in mind that numerous organizations and companies have been sued over the past few years. Failure to provide access to those that are hard of hearing when it comes to their video content will cost you.

If you want to avoid the costs of a legal battle then you should take the time and money that is required to get media transcription for your videos. You’ll also get to enjoy the feeling of happiness and fulfillment that comes with knowing that you did the right thing.

Increased Comprehension

You’ll also find that you have a much easier time getting your message across to all viewers in your audience when you include video transcription with your video content. In a world where online learning is becoming the new norm, closed captioning and subtitles go a long way towards helping with learning comprehension.

Science is showing that providing students and audience members with the ability to both hear and read what is being said at the same time reinforces it into the memory. Adding the video captions and subtitles provides a ton of value. It helps to ensure that students and audience members aren’t missing key points during the videos.

This is also a great boost for learning when it comes to members of the audience that don’t speak English as their primary language. Many university students that are studying abroad in the United States of America find the closed captions from video transcription a massive help to their comprehension. It boosts the educational experience.

It is also a wonderful way to help improve the reading skills of younger students. They can associate the way the words sound with the words on the screen thanks to the closed captions.

Flexible Viewing

You’ll also be granting your viewers the ability to watch your video content in areas that are more sound-sensitive. If they’re in a place where audio either isn’t available or it is frowned upon to play videos with sound on then the captions allow people to enjoy your content.

Think of what it is like to watch a video on a bus, plane, or train. It is noisy enough but you also want to take the people around you into consideration. Having video transcription allows your audience to enjoy your videos without disturbing those around them. They can also watch even under the loudest and noisiest conditions and still understand what is going on in the video.

SEO Boost

SEO Services

Another big benefit of transcribing your videos is the SEO boost that you’ll experience from the content you’re creating. It might sound crazy, but adding video transcription adds to your business’s or website’s SEO in a massive way. You’re missing out on a great opportunity when you opt not to implement video transcription services.

A search engine cannot process video content. Adding closed captions allows the search engine to pull keywords that will help it lead people on the internet to your content and your website. You’re cheating yourself out of a massive chance to gain new members of your audience and new customers when you choose to go with captionless video or audio content.

Similar to the SEO boost that you’ll get, using video transcription will also make it much easier for your audience to search for and find your content. The closed captions will get indexed by the search engine. That means that they can search for keywords in your audio or video content to find exactly what they’re searching for.

You’ll provide a great boost to the audience or user experience by using video captions as well. This is especially true when you use interactive video captions. You’ll grant your audience members the ability to search for certain keywords in the video and skip to where those keywords are said.

Interactive transcripts are taking the educational world by storm. They are making education much more accessible. Instead of having to sit through a video to find the important parts that you missed, you can now search for the keywords and start the video in the spot that you missed.

Easier Creation

The interactive transcripts will also help your content creation team. It is valuable when it comes to putting together reels or montages for your business or organization. It is a tiring and thankless job having to sift through dozens of hours of footage to find exactly what you’re looking for. What if you could just search for the keywords in the transcripts?

That is the technique that the majority of content creators are using now that video transcription is becoming more mainstream. All you’ll need to do is scan the transcripts of your video content for the keywords that you’re seeking out. You can even use direct quotes from customers in your videos as testimonials on your website.

From an educational standpoint, these transcripts provide immense value as well. Instead of having to type all of the scripts out by hand to study off of, students can now download and print out the transcripts of videos to use as a study resource.

Easy Translation

types of videos

You live in an increasingly global world. This means that the content that you create will go to audiences in different countries and corners of the world. This makes the need for easy translation a top priority. Video transcription makes translating your content a breeze.

You’ll make your content more accessible to people across the globe. You’ll also have the chance to market your products to hundreds of millions of people thanks to easy translation.

Invest In Video Transcription for Your Business Today

Getting video transcription is no longer an option for your business if you’re looking to keep up with your competition. It allows you to reach a much larger audience, including those that are hard of hearing. It also makes education much easier and provides a great user experience for those that speak English as a second language.

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