Everyone knows that water is an irreplaceable part of our daily life. The human body is up to seventy percent of this liquid and proper hydro balance is a must. This liquid has lots of curious properties, especially regarding boiling, but its major trait is connected with our organisms.

Unfortunately, quite a few of us know what consequences can happen if we lack this precious liquid in our bodies!

To fix this, we have prepared a brief but very informative list of benefits water brings us.

Reasons to Not Forget to Drink Enough H2O

Our bodies use water in all the cells, it is needed for proper functioning and elasticity of our blood vessels, this liquid is an essential part of our organs and tissues, too. Finally, it simply helps to regulate our body’s temperature!
And perhaps you didn’t know, but we lose water not only when we are sweating. Through breathing, and even through digestion we lower the amount of this liquid in our bodies. That is why it is vitally important to both eat watery foods and drink clear water daily in sufficient amounts.

There is no common dosage of water everyone shall take. It hangs upon your physical activity level, the climate you live in, your diet, and your health state. But generally, it is advised to intake 1.5-2 liters of clear water every day.

Why shall we do this?

  1. H2O protects our tissues, joints, and spinal cord keeping them well-hydrated all the time. Moreover, it works as a lubricant for the joints reducing the risks of traumatizing them due to excess dryness
  2. H2O helps to clean our bodies. When we are properly hydrated, our bodies can easily excrete waste
  3. Drinking water contributes to normal digestion which leads to better dissolving of minerals and nutrients
  4. It keeps you from dehydration

Drink Water Regularly

To get all the benefits from this liquid, we suggest you memorizing several simple hints on how to drink water correctly.

  • First of all, never drink it while eating. Mixing food and water in your stomach will lead to worse and improper digestion, and your gut will be overloaded
  • Don’t replace water with sweet drinks, tea, or coffee. Even though they are all liquids, only plain water will have all those beneficial effects listed above
  • It is better to drink slightly warm or room temperature water since the cold liquid will be a great stress for the body. Cold liquids decrease blood supply to our organs that may lead to constipation
  • It is advised to drink water while sitting since in this position our muscles and nervous system are relaxed which leads to better digestion of liquids. Also, when standing and drinking, we disrupt the fluids balance in our bodies which can lead to swelling
  • Start your morning with a glass of water. It will help to wash away all the toxins and start your digestive system

And of course, pay attention to the signs of dehydration such as dry lips and/or eyes, a feeling of a dry mouth and throat, or even dizziness or tiredness.

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