Are you looking for a great place to visit that’s a bit off the beaten path? Have you considered visiting Sedona, Arizona?

Sedona is one of the most underrated cities in the US. There’s so much to do and see here, that you likely won’t have enough time to cover it all.

But, what’s so great about Sedona? Check out this guide to discover why you should visit Sedona.

1. The Great Outdoors

Sedona is known for its world-class, picturesque landscape. One can easily spend the whole weekend kicking back with a glass of wine in a lounge chair and just admiring the views.

One of the best outdoor activities to do in Sedona is golfing. Some of the best golf courses to check out in the area include:

  • Seven Canyons Golf Club
  • Oakcreek Country Club
  • The Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort
  • Coyote Trails Golf Course

In addition to golfing, hiking is also one of the best outdoor activities in the Sedona area. Here are some of the top hiking trails to check out:

  • Munds Wagon Trail
  • Adobe Jack
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Doe Mountain
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Courthouse Butte Loop
  • West Fork
  • Soldier Pass
  • Bear Mountain

Besides hiking and golfing, Sedona is also a great place for ATVing, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing and running, and whitewater rafting. If you visit in the winter, you can even go skiing.

2. Verde Valley Wine Trail

If you’re a wine lover, then Sedona needs to be on your bucket list. While it may not be as famous as Napa or Sonoma, Sedona really holds its own in terms of wine production and quality.

One of the best places to visit is the Verde Valley Wine Trail. This wine trail consists of five different wineries and six tasting rooms. On the trail, you’ll pass through a number of charming small towns. Most of the wineries along the trail even allow you to tour the vineyards.

The trail’s website even has a passport you can download. Once you get the passport stamped, you’ll be able to collect special offers and prizes.

3. Shopping and Art

Once you’ve had your fill of the great outdoors and wine, it’s time to check out Sedona’s shopping and art scene. If you’re wondering, “Why visit Sedona?”, the shopping is more than enough of a reason.

Some of the best places to check out for shopping in Sedona include:

  • Hillside Sedona Shopping Center
  • Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village
  • Sedona Crystal Vortex
  • Hummingbird House

In addition to shopping, Sedona is also home to dozens of art galleries that feature Native American and Western art.

Are You Ready to Visit Sedona?

Now that you know why you should visit Sedona, Arizona, it’s time for you to book your tickets. Before you know it, you’ll be hiking through the picturesque trails or sipping wine along the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

For more travel-related news and tips, be sure to check back in with our blog.

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