Maybe you’ve seen one of the entrancing videos of an athlete giving themselves a percussion massage with a handheld massage gun. Or, perhaps you’ve heard of the health and fitness benefits of vibration and percussion massage therapy.

But does that really mean you need another accessory to add to your fitness arsenal? Or perhaps you’re not an athlete but someone who could otherwise benefit from percussion massage. Whatever your situation, it is natural to wonder whether another piece of equipment would be right for you.

The good news is that percussion massage guns make the benefits of percussion therapy available to everyone. This goes for athletes, competitors, and fitness buffs. But it also goes for adults trying to introduce a bit more activity into their routines or who want to alleviate stiffness and pain brought on by working at a desk.

The many massager benefits are available to almost everyone. You can tailor your use of a handheld massager to your physical needs, and use it to resolve the aches and pains you experience on a given day.

Read on to discover more about percussion massage. Learn more about how it works, its many benefits to the musculoskeletal and central nervous systems, and how you can access these benefits for yourself.

What Does a Percussion Massager Do?

What Does a Percussion Massager Do

A percussion massage gun is a handheld device designed to bring the benefits of percussive therapy into your home. A massage can help us recover from an intense workout or other physically strenuous activity. But it’s not realistic for most people to see a massage therapist more than now and then.

Enter the massager. These devices pound your muscles quickly, which helps you and your muscles recover.

Essentially, it works like a foam roller. In other words, it loosens up tight muscle tissue to help you prepare and recover from workouts.

There has been extensive scientific research into the effectiveness of vibration and percussion massage. Yet until the advent of handheld massagers, most people didn’t have full access to these benefits. They were often limited to professionals who had access to trainers and massage therapists.

Now, however, you can benefit from these same techniques. The best percussion massage guns allow you to condition and treat your own muscles and tailor your therapy to your own physical needs.

Massagers can be used after a workout, game, or other challenging physical activity. When you use them this way, they help your muscles recover faster. This allows you to get back to working out without as much time passing.

But you can also use them before your workout to help prepare your muscles for exertion. In fact, some studies show that they can prevent muscle damage when used ahead of time.

Who Can Use a Percussion Massager?

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You might see percussion massagers marketed to athletes and competitive fitness buffs. While a massage gun is a great choice for these people, they’re not limited to the pros!

Anyone who wants to improve their physical wellness can benefit from the targeted use of a massager. Whether you’ve recently introduced a fitness routine and want to help your body heal, or you’re concerned about the effect of sitting at a desk all day on your dexterity, a massager can help you feel better and move better.

What Are The Benefits Of Percussion Massage?

There are numerous percussion massager benefits. They can prevent soreness, of course, and help athletes recover faster so that they can return to training.

These aren’t the only benefits, however. They can gently stretch and condition your muscles. They also increase blood flow to affected areas.

They also help you function better in daily life. The increased blood flow can lead to improved circulation.

When taken together with gentle stretching, reduced soreness can also help you improve your range of motion and general flexibility. This is great for athletes and active people who want to improve their general health and fitness.

They can also be useful for people with repetitive motion injuries or wear and tear from work or repetitive activity. They can help with all sorts of repetitive motion injuries and can even lead to positive effects on your central nervous system. This can lead to deeper sleep and complete healing.

How Do I Use a Percussion Massager?

How Do I Use a Percussion Massager

These massage guns are designed for home use. In other words, you don’t need a professional to reap the benefits!

There are a few tips and tricks to be aware of. First, many massagers come with several attachments for the different muscle groups. This allows you to target not just the large muscles but smaller muscles as well.

You’ll also want to be careful not to overwork a given area. Typical recommendations are not to use a percussion massage gun in one place for more than a minute at a time.

Finally, remember that one of the major benefits of a massager is targeting the muscles you know need the most work. This includes hard-to-reach muscles that a massage therapist may have trouble getting to.

Where Can I Go To Find Out More?

Now that you’re ready to make a move and invest in the best percussion massager you can find, it’s a good idea to check out massager reviews.

As with any fitness accessory, you can also seek video instructions from trainers on best-incorporating percussion massage into your training regimen.

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