Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing formats, and it is also in demand among the audience. Many platforms allow you to place ads, many companies prefer to create ads in the video format.

The question of video length is a concern for bloggers and marketers. Everyone wants their short videos to be in demand, they were watched to the end and they were waiting for new ones to be released. But users themselves will not even say which videos they want to watch. Sometimes they need a full-fledged training video. Sometimes they want to laugh heartily during a five-minute break at work. And sometimes they need a quick solution to the problem. One of the best variants is 60 second videos.

Videos are created for different purposes. They can be entertaining, advertising, motivating, educational. If you need to keep the attention of the maximum number of viewers to the end and motivate them to take the targeted action, make short videos. They find a greater response from the audience, they are watched to the end more often. Thus, a video up to 1 minute in length will be watched by almost 60% of viewers, while a 60-minute video will be watched by less than 10%.

If you are making long videos, note the high bounce rate at the very beginning of watching. That is, users immediately decide whether to watch the video further or not. Therefore, the most important and catchy information should be taken to the beginning in order to retain attention. If you use a call to action in a long video, place it closer to the beginning or middle, otherwise, not everyone will hear it. In a common short video, benefits are numerous, and thatโ€™s why this format is so much popular.

Benefits Of Short Videos

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Brand awareness is a factor that will help speed up the user’s decision to buy your products in the future, it is also one of the results of video ads that is a little more difficult to measure. Nevertheless, even if the user does not pay attention to the plot of your video or is not interested in the offered product, he is simply obliged to see your logo.

Even in a short video, your logo should be visible – most users won’t even blink in the direction of the video, but your brand’s association with a service or product is quite capable of forming after a cursory glance.

Short videos for short attention spans

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Given the growing trend, where users are increasingly trying to skip or scroll through ads. And non-skippable videos are often annoying. Ultra-short online advertising is an effective format in the struggle for consumer attention. However, in the choice of timing, the duration of the video is far from the key factor. It determines whether the information from the video will be perceived as the brand needs.

Short-form is highly flexible

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All the nuances are important here. The intensity of the rotation, and the correctly selected audience segments. And the video creative itself, and the platform, and much more determine the communication strategy and tactics. In some cases, it is enough just to convey information. Then packing it in an ultra-short format will be an effective solution. And in some cases you need to tell a story, make a lucrative offer or entertain. Of course, a 2-second explainer video is not an absolute choice for delivering a complex message. But it is definitely an effective way to grab the consumer’s attention. In effective short videos, all the details are taken into consideration.

Thus, only a few key elements make video advertising effective in social networks. Itโ€™s interesting and/or useful content. Also, itโ€™s conciseness and emotionality. Itโ€™s the ability to convey a message without sound, an intriguing preview picture. And itโ€™s the presence of a logo or company name. It helps to increase brand awareness.

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