If you’re considering booking a family holiday for the end of the lockdown or for next year when, hopefully, things will have returned to normal around the world, the most important part is getting the accommodation right. Even if you travel to a destination like Liverpool, that’s brilliant for families, staying in accommodation that doesn’t provide everything that you need to have a relaxing and enjoyable trip can bring the entire experience down. Thankfully, serviced apartments make excellent accommodation options for families as they provide a wide range of amenities and perks that you wouldn’t generally find in a hotel room.

Here are some reasons to book a serviced apartment for your next family trip to Liverpool

More Space

First of all, staying in a serviced apartment means that you will have more space compared to staying in a cramped hotel room. Even family rooms in hotels can often feel like everybody is piled on top of each other with a double bed on one side of the room for mum and dad and bunk beds at the other for the kids. Booking separate rooms for everybody can get costly. On the other hand, a serviced apartment can be just the right size for your family, allowing everybody their own personal time and privacy.

Self-Catering Options

Eating out at a restaurant can quickly get costly when the whole family is doing it multiple times a day, and even if you decide to opt for all-inclusive, or meals included with your stay, getting everybody to the hotel restaurant for the strict meal times can be frustrating. When you stay in a serviced apartment like Dream Apartments, you’ll have your own kitchen facilities that make it easy for you to just prepare your meals as and when your family wants to eat.

Entertainment Options

Generally speaking, a serviced apartment will have more entertainment options on offer compared to a hotel room. If you’ve booked an apartment that’s designed for families, there might be a range of toys and games on offer for your kids to enjoy. And, they’ll usually be fully stocked with plenty of DVDs to watch or even a smart TV where you can log into your Netflix or Disney+ account. Some even provide a gaming console. With high-speed Wi-Fi usually offered as standard, you don’t have to worry about lagging or buffering if your kids have brought all their devices.

Hotel Perks

Last but not least, staying in a serviced apartment means that you can enjoy all the extras, while still having all the usual perks you would expect from a hotel. Most serviced apartments have a 24-hour reception desk where you can visit for advice or book excursions, and some will have communal pools and gym areas you can take advantage of. Your apartment will be cleaned, and the linen and towels changed daily. Some apartments even have on-site restaurants that you can visit if you don’t want to cook in your own kitchen.

If you’re looking for the perfect accommodation for your family’s next trip to Liverpool, a serviced apartment is an ideal choice.

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