Are you the owner of a startup company that’s going through the exciting process of creating packaging for your products? Do you have a new product coming out that needs to be on-point with your brand? If so, then you need to plan for proofreading your packaging.

Doing so can help you avoid an embarrassing situation. Imagine packaging hundreds of your products, shipping them to customers, then realizing there is a costly spelling error on it or incorrect directions.

See below for several reasons why proofreading your packaging is so important to your company’s brand reputation. Be sure to schedule proofreading today!

1. Sends the Right Message

Why Proofreading Your Packaging is Important to Your Company

Some of you might think that a simple spelling error on your packaging isn’t a big deal. But consider this: the packaging is most people’s first impression of your product. If they notice a sizeable spelling error on it, it can easily send the wrong message.

For example, let’s say that your product includes offers an additional item included at no extra charge to the customers. Such as a razor product that includes additional razor heads in the package.

To point that out, you might put a message on your packaging saying “Free additional razor head”. But what if your typist accidentally forgets the “r” in “free”? All of a sudden, the message you’re sending out on your packaging reads “Fee additional razor head”.

As you well know, there is a major difference between “Free” and “Fee”, especially in the eyes of a customer. The word “fee” will send them running for the hills.

So how can you ensure that this isn’t happening on your product packaging? Be sure to invest in automated proofreading for packaging. It can help you eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors before they go out into the marketplace and tarnish your brand.

2. Protection for Your Brand

Customers can be ruthless. In this ever-increasing digital world, one unfortunate spelling or grammar mistake can turn into a trending topic on social media platforms.

Don’t think your customers will mind a simple spelling mistake? Think again! Take a lesson from former NBA center Larry Sanders, who once posted a picture of his new bicep tattoo with “Recieve” written in cursive.

The tattoo itself is pretty sweet! There’s only one problem, Larry… the correct spelling is “Receive”. His initial Instagram post went viral and got so much traction that it was even a topic of conversation on Sportscenter that day.

Needless to say, Larry wishes he’d proofreading the tattoo. That same harmless mistake can cost your brand dearly. Right or wrong, customers perceive companies to be flawless. Void of any error or mistake. A simple spelling error will show them that your brand does make mistakes, which can have a negative effect.

Make sure that your product packaging lives up to the expectations that customers have for your company.

With the spelling and grammar proofreading, your product’s content will give the exact tone and voice that you desire. No mistakes. No costly errors. No reprints or recalls are required.

3. Prevents Distractions From Your Content

Prevents Distractions From Your Content

Have you ever picked up a good book to read, gotten engaged in the story that’s being told, and then noticed a glaringly obvious spelling error? If so, then you know how distracting that one typo can be. It can completely throw off your groove and make you wonder “How in the world did they MISS that?”

Now put yourself in the shoes of your clients. They’re genuinely intrigued by your product. They pick it up in the store to learn how to use your product correctly, then they notice a typo in your directions.

Instead of visualizing themselves using your product (which is a significant part of the sales process), they’re distracted by your spelling error. Odds are, they’ll take a photo of it, set the product down, and walk away unimpressed by your product and brand as a whole.

In some rare and extreme cases, spelling or grammatical errors can also be a detriment to your entire company. If you misspell the wrong word, it could lead to your customers using your product incorrectly.

As an example, let’s say that the directions on a store-bought medication are supposed to read “do not take more than 2 tablets a day”, but your content writer forgot the “not”.

Now your directions read “do take more than 2 tablets a day”. Seems pretty harmless, right? Most people would assume you meant to say “do not”. However, it only takes one customer to think you’re implying the opposite. Then you have a lawsuit on your hands.

5. Diligent Content

Proofreading can ensure diligence for your product packaging in more ways than one. it looks at four different components of the content in your blog.

These include such things as Content accuracy, Mechanics, Branding, and Format. here’s a brief description of each:

  • Content Accuracy– Dates, Statistics, Numbers.
  • Mechanics– Spelling, Grammar, Ease of Reading.
  • Format– Font, Colors, Readability, Ease on the Eyes.
  • Branding– Tone, Voice, Reputation, Recall.

Remember, the content on your package is often the first impression. The message needs to be concise. The tone needs to be representative of your brand. The format needs to be easy to read and understand.

Prioritize Proofreading for Your Packaging

Prioritize Proofreading for Your Packaging

Now that you have seen 5 reasons why proofreading is so essential, be sure to prioritize it in your business model.

Taking the time to put your packaging and content through automated proofreading software can save you thousands of dollars over time!

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on product packaging tactics, as well as many other topics that you will enjoy reading about!

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