The days are long, but attention spans are short.

How do you engage the fleeting and impulsive attention of consumers in this era of digital advertising? Luckily, with new technology comes so many options at your company’s disposal.

Mobile messaging stands out as an unsung hero in digital advertising. Not quite like email marketing, SMS marketing campaigns reach consumers directly.

Text messages reach out to audiences succinctly and in real-time, catching them on their coffee breaks.

Keep scrolling to learn why your marketing strategy needs mobile messaging campaigns.

Sending Ads Through Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging Is Important

Text messaging has quickly become the most commonly used mode of communication, especially among younger generations.

Traditional advertising campaigns can be informative and draw interested readers, but many young people barely sit still long enough to read through them.

Marketing strategies that use text messages offer unique opportunities and interesting benefits. They create a conversational tone that engages potential consumers who want to feel seen. They want ads tailor-made just for them.

The budding technologies of data mining using algorithms and AI automation allow mobile messages to be increasingly targeted. For SMS marketing to be effective, the right messaging needs to be sent to the right person.

Reaching Consumers With Conversational Text Messages

Creating an SMS marketing campaign that sends out personalized, conversational messages to specific demographics has the potential to draw new consumers.

These types of marketing messages start conversations. They spark a small seedling of a thought that quickly leads to actionable leads.

Here’s why marketing campaigns can benefit from employing conversational mobile messaging to generate leads:

  • Relevant ad campaigns resonate with targeted consumers
  • Offering multiple ways and opportunities to respond
  • Helps companies collect data
  • This leads to higher conversion rates than long-form content marketing
  • Higher open rates than email marketing campaigns
  • Creates authentic connections with customers

Millennial and Gen-Z consumers do not like being pandered to. Sending messages they might get from a friend gets them hooked. Meet your consumers where they are.

You should make sure you do these things when sending out mobile messages:

  • Get attention with short and quippy texts
  • Questions with short or yes-or-no answers
  • Address people by their names and use personal pronouns
  • Talk to them like you would talk to someone you know
  • Use familiar everyday language

People will want to learn more when they get these types of messages. It piques interest, and it catches people off guard (but in a good way).

Basic Marketing Strategies for Mobile

When used right, mobile messaging gets the results you want for your business. Let’s look at three effective strategies below:

Importance of Mobile Messaging

Sending Ongoing Communications

You don’t just stop at one message and hope for the best. Engage with customers by regularly sending out discount links and invitations. Send out special promotional packages.

You can customize what messages people get based on what they respond to. Using an online text messaging service is a must for these situations.

Get Customers to Opt-In

Set up targeted keywords and short word codes that customers can use to send back quick responses. Make it so easy that it barely employs more than five brain cells.

These keywords help businesses build a helpful database to mine for more targeted ads.

Divide Your Consumer Database

As you collect data you will want to sort your customers into different categories based on their interests. Businesses call this strategy “grouping.” Using keywords and automated tools will make this strategy simple and efficient.

Grouping increases sales by building relationships with consumers. They will stay interested by receiving messages relevant to them specifically. You also don’t have to spend as much on your marketing budget.

Why Companies Need to Collect Customer Data

With all the data that businesses collect through SMS marketing, discovering key demographics happen more quickly.

With a strong database, companies can easily look up specific customers or groups of customers using search queries. We refer to tools that use real-time search queries of subscribers’ information and an HLR lookup.

An HLR lookupย uses customers’ phone numbers to gather regularly up-to-date information about them. These updates happen in real-time, eliminating redundancies in sending mobile messages to inactive numbers or the wrong customers.

Most operators around the world are connected to the Signaling System #7 Network, also called SS7. This network exchanges data about telephone calls and billing systems. It exists as the foundation of all SMS text messaging systems.

This tool enables live connectivity so companiesย don’t waste time calling the wrong number.

Why Mobile Messaging Apps Are Awesome

Rapid advancements in mobile messaging services since the start of the millennium make people more likely to communicate via text. All phone companies have unlimited texting.

Consider companies like T-mobile. They use a t-mobile texting app to make it easy for people to communicate.

Social media chatting apps go beyond just texting. SMS marketing strategies can target people on apps. Some common apps include:

  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram DMs
  • Facebook Messenger

That list only includes some of the options. There are many more messaging apps out there that keep popping up. Knowing what communication channels your customer base uses will connect you to them more directly.

Messaging apps

Which SMS messaging apps get used the most by a target customer is based on certain factors. Older generations tend to spend more time on Facebook. Meanwhile, apps like Snapchat and Instagram get used by people under the age of 40.

Different countries or regional locations also influence which apps are popular for SMS messaging. Know your customers and where they live to get the best sense of how to reach them.

Opt-In to Mobile Messaging

The best marketing strategies constantly seek new ways to reach customers. This means building and managing relationships with customers. This also entails using mined data to craft targeted messaging to find new customers.

Using mobile messaging succeeds in finding potential for new sales opportunities in the wild, so to speak.

Don’t sleep on this unique and growing tool for strategic marketing communications. The best way to get customers to see you is to be present in their lives.

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