Why Is My Water Bill So High: In the United States, the average house spends about $70.00 per month on water. That number can vary based on where you live and your water usage habits.

Whether you come in above or below average, chances are, you have a good beat on what your average water bill looks like. That’s why you may find yourself screaming, “Why is my water bill so high?!” when you receive an invoice that’s double or even triple what you’re used to.

If you’re staring down an absurdly large water bill and have no idea how it got to be so high, we recommend that you keep reading.

Why Is My Water Bill So High:

Here we share a handful of the most common bill inflating culprits

why is my water bill so high
Water Bill So High

Water Rates Have Risen

There’s probably no rule in your community that says water needs to stay at the same rate. Consequently, you may find that over the years, what you pay per gallon for water will trickle up.

Water Softener Causing High Water Bill

If you notice a sudden leap in your bill, start your investigation by talking to your water company. Ask them if there have been any rate hikes in your area that might be contributing to the problem. If rate hikes have taken place, ask if there are any programs available that allow low-income families to keep old rates in place why is my water bill so high.

You Have a Broken Pipe

Broken pipes are one of the leading reasons why people ask themselves, “why is my water bill so high” during any given month. A broken pipe means that, even when you’re not running water, you’re being charged for every drop that’s falling through the cracks.

Focus on Broken Pipe

One of the best ways to check for broken pipes is to ensure that all water is shut off around your house and to note the figure shown on your water meter. After a couple of hours of not running water, return to your meter to see if it has risen.

If it has, call in a professional if you own your home or call your landlord if you rent.

Faucets Are Dripping

Dripping faucets might not seem like a huge deal but over time, they can be costly. As a matter of fact, if just 3 faucets in a home were dripping 10 drops per minute, you’d be wasting over 1000 gallons of water per year.

High Water Bill Due to Leak

Fortunately, drips can be remedied easily. In most cases, all you have to do is ensure your knobs are closed tightly after each use. In more severe cases, you’ll need to get knobs professionally tightened or have other professional maintenance done.

Running Toilets

When you flush your toilet, your bowl will regenerate. This is denoted by the long “whoosh” sound you hear. In general, bowls will regenerate for about 20-seconds before going silent. If your toilet takes significantly longer than that or never stops regenerating, you’re wasting water.

Running Toilet Water

Check the back of your toilet bowl to make sure your plunge cap is working properly. If everything looks fine and you can’t get to the bottom of why your toilet won’t stop building up water, call a professional.

Outdated Fixtures

Modern appliances have gotten very good at functioning while limiting their water use. Older appliances, on the other hand, don’t have the same conservation innovations in place which can prove costly over years of use.

That’s why, while expensive in the short term, you often save money by upgrading appliances over time.

Look up your appliance’s model numbers and see if manufacturers offer what they estimate to be the item’s average water use over a period of time. If the quoted amount is significantly higher than modern appliances you’re considering, you should upgrade why is my water bill so high.

Additional Fixtures Have Been Installed

Anytime you bring a new water-using appliance into your home, you’re going to see your water bill go up. This is especially true if you install fixtures that use water heavily (dishwasher, swimming pool, etc.).

If you suspect that a new appliance is the reason why you’re asking, “why is my water bill so high this month?”, check to see if what you installed has an “Eco Mode” that limits its water use. In some cases, if the water usage of a new fixture is much higher than anticipated, it may be worth returning.

Changes in Water Use

A small routine change can skyrocket your monthly water bill. For example, if you have two guests stay at your home over the summer, you’re going to be using up to 200 extra gallons of water per day.

Plan for hikes like those and ensure you can afford them before inviting people over or making other routine changes that may prove to be costly.

Water Routing Issues

Did your high water bill correlate with a new neighbor moving in? If it did, you may be facing a routing issue.

In some cases, properties have prior easements in place that make it so a neighbor’s water charges to another home’s bill. If these agreements are forgotten over time, you may have bought into a home that’s on the hook.

Talk to the city to see if the way homes were built in your area might allow for the possibility of a neighbor running your water. If you think that’s the case, talk to the city and your neighbor about solutions of why is my water bill so high.

Faulty Meters

If all else fails when it comes to deducing why your water bill is so high, turn to your meter. At the end of the day, your meter is what records your water usage and if it’s not functioning properly, you can bet that your bill will fluctuate.

Your meter is maintained by your water company so if you have any doubts about its accuracy, have them inspect and potentially replace why is my water bill so high.

Our Suggestions Should Answer Your “Why Is My Water Bill so High?” Questions

You’re not the only person this month asking themselves, “Why is my water bill so high?” We hope that you and others can leverage insight like what we’ve just shared to get to the bottom of your questions.

Remember, your water company is an excellent resource when it comes to your bill. Always feel free to give them a call and ask for additional advice if you can’t seem to narrow down why you’re experiencing issues.

If you’d like additional quick advice, consider reading more of the home-centric content on our blog why is my water bill so high.

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