Recently one of my friends asked me why I stopped eyelash extensions. Although it’s personal, I still thought of sharing the story with friends or other people who need to know.

Eyelash extensions make your eyes more awake and refreshed. In addition, it dramatically enhances your eyes, making them look bigger and more youthful.

When you apply eyelashes from a licensed technician, you will get painless extensions and a beautiful look.

However, I enjoyed having eyelash extensions, yet I decided to stop it. It helps enhance my appearance but has some major disadvantages.

Following, I have shared the reasons why I stopped eyelash extensions.

Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions?


counting money

Generally, lash extensions are pricey. The pricing of the initial set starts from $140 to $450. But the price depends on the type of lash style you choose.

And once the extension is done, you need to visit the stylist for touch-ups. At the same time, touch-ups are recommended every two to three weeks.

Eye Discomfort

For novices especially, eyelash extensions are not comfortable. Extensions look smooth and beautiful, but when you get extensions, this takes time to settle.

Hence, you need to give yourself some time to get used to the extensions.

It Can Affect Your Natural Lashes

The Eyelash extensions process is straightforward if you do it by a professional.

But if you do not get an expert, it will directly affect the natural lashes you don’t want.

For example, if your stylist uses cheaper extensions, this will affect your natural lash line. As a result, this will destroy your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions step up your makeup, yet you may deal with negative effects on the lashes for months.

The damages could be severe for people who have done the extensions regularly.

The negative impact on the lashes is one of the reasons why I stopped eyelash extensions.

Eye Irritation

eye rubbing

You cannot remove lashes like false lashes at the end of the day. You have to wear them all the time, which may create discomfort.

Not everyone experiences eye irritation, very few people may feel it irritated.

And if you have overly sensitive eyes, like dry or watery eyes, it increases irritation.

Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Extensions

If you are allergic to the glue used to attach the lashes, then chances are you will have an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.

Blepharitis is the most common eyelash extension allergy, according to a study in 2019.

So, you may suffer from redness, tearing, swelling, itchiness, and irritation if you are allergic to blepharitis.

The allergic reaction to eyelash extensions lasts for a few hours to a few days; it depends on the symptoms.

Maintenance Required

Once you do eyelash extensions, regular maintenance is required. For example, you must brush the lashes and clean them so that the lashes hold their style.

Hence, adding the care of extensions to your daily routine is a must to maintain a beautifully bold look.

Tough To Find A Professional

Eyelash extension Professional

If you decide to have eyelash extensions, it is crucial to consult a professional.

But finding a professional service is not an easy task. It is hard to identify an expert to extend your lashes with care.

Thus, before going for eyelash extensions, check out the reviews of the artist you choose.

If the artist has positive reviews, you can depend on the artist.

Infections Risk

Even though the chances of eyelash infection are very low, one can still get infected from eyelash extensions.

Since extensions are very close to the eyes, you should get a qualified artist to do the job effectively. Otherwise, this will increase the risk of infections.

If you are a makeup freak and love to experiment with different looks, you can consider eyelash extensions. Also, make sure you choose the best stylist in town so that you don’t have further discomfort.

Well, these were the major reasons why I stopped eyelash extensions. So let’s find out things to remember if you have eyelash extensions.

Things To Remember When Getting Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extension

If you are doing eyelash extensions for the first time, you must follow the below-mentioned things.

  1. Do not rub the eyes after getting lash extensions, which can lead to your extensions falling out quickly.
  2. You have to follow a cleaning process to clean out dirt, oil, and debris from lashes regularly.
  3. Heat can break down the eyelash adhesive, so avoid excessive heat like a sauna or steam bath.
  4. You have to use oil-free cosmetics after lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent makeup option for all ages. It reduces your makeup time.

Once you get done with eyelash extensions, you should strictly follow these things.

So, this was all about why I stopped eyelash extensions; in the future, I’m pretty sure I won’t go back to eyelash extensions.

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