Gaming is a great pastime. If you have a competitive nature, gaming is a great outlet to blow off some steam, relieving you of your daily stress. If you’re a fantasy geek, RPGs will have you strolling through mesmerizing environments, populated with quirky, tragic, and cheerful characters, critters, and creatures, all of which have a story to tell. If you like sports, motorsports, or are a flight enthusiast, simulators allow you to enjoy your favorite hobby without putting yourself at risk.

Gaming seems to be a hobby that caters to everyone’s needs, but surely it has some flaws, doesn’t it? Of course, there are a lot of downsides to being an avid gamer. But none of them is really worth mentioning since the pros heavily outweigh the cons. With that being said, the biggest problem with being a gamer is that, in time, your health can really suffer from all of those hours spent in an awkward position. That’s where gaming chairs come in.

Highly Customizable

The best gaming chair should be highly customizable. While an average office chair will give you the options to adjust your height, the average gaming chair allows you to set your chair’s height, your armrest height, and the angle of your backrest.

These options are very important. When you’re sitting at a desk, either for business or pleasure, you need to sit at an adequate distance from your screens, and your legs need to have room to stretch to ensure good blood flow. A gaming chair gives you the ability to have the best position, even if you’re shorter/taller than most people.

Great Aesthetics

Looks shouldn’t be important, but they are, and they should be. Chairs haven’t escaped our objective standards for attractiveness, and industry manufacturers gave them a good dose of sexiness. Faux leather or mesh, or both, slick embroidered logos, RGB lighting, and automotive-inspired designs, these are all of the features that make gaming chairs so irresistible to the eye.

If you’re a gamer, you’re likely into tech, and a gaming chair has the right look to make a good fit in a modern living room or in a game room. They come in a lot of different colors and a lot of different designs. From edgy designs to more subtle, but tasteful looks, you can find a chair that fits your standards and environments.

More Resilient

While gaming chairs aren’t really cheap if you’re shopping in the high-end section, they’re very resilient. This is something that’s going to protect your investment, as chair manufacturers always looking to put the blame on you in case your product gets damaged. And really, how can you damage a chair? Sit on it?

The better design, more durable materials and the fact that the design gives you good posture mean that you won’t be putting any unnecessary strain on the chair and its joints. The adjustable back will also help you achieve a better position and decrease the risk of back pain, digestion issues, and

Great for Bigger Gamers

Gamers are a diverse bunch. We come in all shapes and sizes, and for those of us who are a little bit chunky, gaming chairs are a really good choice over office chairs. Having a desk job and playing games in your free time means that relying on a chair is crucial, and a gaming chair is a perfect choice if you want something sturdy and comfortable.

Get Mid or High End Models

When shopping for gaming chairs, it’s important to know that, below a certain budget (around 200$), you won’t be finding anything that’s too impressive. Low-end gaming chairs are good if you’re light and aren’t too particular with your sitting position, then you should be fine. That being said, if you’re looking for something with good back and neck support, a lot of customizability, then pick up a higher-end model. Chairs like the Secretlab Titan (the best gaming chair in 2020) even have adjustable lumbar support, allowing you to reach an ideal position when you’re sitting at the desk. This will ensure good long-term health and the best levels of comfort.


It’s hard to pinpoint why gaming chairs are so popular with gamers. Most of us believe it’s the cool, gaming aesthetic, while others swear by them whenever someone’s talking about comfort. In a nutshell, gaming chairs are a good investment if you’re looking for that specific look and want the same comfort of a high-end office chair. Make sure to check your height before ordering, and if you’re overweight, pick a model that’s going to support you.

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