Florida is as close to paradise as some of us can get. Yet, the Sunshine State isn’t just sand, sea, and sun. Over the years, many companies have realized that Florida is a great place to incorporate a business. Nerd Wallet reports that in 2015, there were nearly 2.2 million small businesses based in Florida alone. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the multicultural, multiethnic locations in the US with the most traffic, Florida is a fantastic place to live as well. If you’re looking at putting together your own Florida company, there are some of the most impressive reasons why basing it here is a great plan.

Business Climate

Kiplinger rates Florida as the 4th most tax-friendly locale in the US. Local government policies promote the establishment and growth of small companies easy. The state has developed a positive approach to business and a streamlined regulatory environment that helps small companies realize their potential.


A business that needs talented workers has the pick of the crop when it comes to Florida’s professionals. Even unskilled workers are available at reasonable rates. The state’s employment market makes it a simple matter to find the right personnel for whatever industry you intend to enter. Enterprise Florida mentions that the state’s total workforce totals ten million people. If your business can’t find talent in a pool like that, you might need to reconsider what you’re looking for.


If you’re trying to make international connections, Florida is the melting pot for trade worldwide. If you take a walk through Miami, you’re likely to see people from North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, and many other places. The state serves as an international banking center, with a diplomatic hub and a significant Consular Corps. Several multinational companies have their offices in Florida, making it a perfect place to make those contacts and secure trade deals.

Quality of Life

There’s a reason why people retire to Florida. Aside from the sunny days and the ability to avoid much of the bitter cold of winter, Florida has a very high quality of life for its residents. Access to amenities, including world-class infrastructure and transport, makes the state a desirable spot to settle down in. With a society that’s known for its recreation and culture, you won’t have a problem with your work-life balance.

Setting Up a Company

The state makes it a simple process to register a company in Florida. While you can do it yourself, some agents can help you sift through the paperwork and save you time and money. There aren’t any complicated legislative hurdles to jump over. Registering a company in the Sunshine State is much easier than in other comparable states. You even get the benefit of putting together an LLC that protects your individual assets if you prefer. Whether you decide to choose an agent or go it on your own, Florida remains a unique place in the US to open a business.

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