We all love pizza delivery, but are you ready to make the right choices at the grocery store? With so many options available nowadays, choosing the right items for yourself and your family can be overwhelming.

But if you’re like many American families nowadays, you might be strongly considering adding organic foods to your diet. Organic food sales are on the rise in America, and for good reason.

Eating organic food can greatly contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and a healthier, clearer you.

Below, we’ll walk you through five reasons why eating organic is better for you.

1. Fewer Pesticides

Food that is made organically is grown without the aid of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These chemicals are allowed at acceptable amounts in conventional farming, but health experts still warn against repeated exposure.

Studies have suggested that even small amounts of pesticides can potentially produce harmful results. It’s been shown to cause developmental disorders, ADHD, and reduced sperm quality in men.

2. More Healthy Fats

When it comes to meat and milk, organic products can actually have up to 50% more omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are a healthy, natural fat and essential nutrient that can greatly lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

This increase may be due to how organic livestock is raised. Their grass-fed diet and outdoor exposure can help to increase omega-3 levels.

3. No Synthetic Hormones

Conventional livestock is frequently fed antibiotics to protect against illnesses and some livestock are even injected with growth hormones. Traces of these chemicals, then, can easily end up in your eventual meals. Ingestion of these could potentially contribute to cancer.

This does not happen in the case of organic food. Livestock is not given antibiotics or growth hormones, making organic food items much safer and better for your overall health.

4. More Antioxidants

In a recent study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists found that organic food items have 20% higher antioxidant content than conventionally grown counterparts.

These antioxidants have been previously linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases and certain cancers. While the study of antioxidants in organic food is still on-going, other studies have begun to crop up that confirm the Journal’s results.

5. Grow Your Own Food

Outside of the obvious and ingrained health benefits of the actual food, making the switch to organic can be better for your health in other ways.

Starting an organic garden can provide huge mental health benefits in addition to the nutritional. It’s a great way to spend time with family, try new foods, and give you a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to eating right and helping the planet.

These good feelings can positively affect your mental health and strengthen relationships. Starting your own garden can be easy, too, if you follow these easy steps.

Start Eating Organic Food

The benefits of eating organic food far outweigh the minor increase in price you may run into at the supermarket. Going organic can make huge differences in your personal health and the health of the world at large.

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