Keeping your hair healthy is a top concern for most people and we’ll do anything to increase its longevity. From covering up grey hairs to jetting off to get a hair transplant in Turkey, we’re always looking for new ways to keep our hair full and youthful.  However, there is one small but important factor that also decides how healthy your hair is, and that’s its pH level. pH is a scale that shows you how acidic or alkaline a compound is by designating it a number between 0 and 14. The lower the number, the more acidic it is. Your hair will naturally sit at about 4.5 to 5 on the scale which makes it slightly acidic. So, let’s discover how your pH can be affected and why it matters to your hair.

Keep It Level

Your Hair Care Products

To help keep your hair’s pH at its optimum level, you want to ensure any product you’re putting on your hair isn’t too alkaline. Try and find out the pH level of all the hair care products you currently use and try swapping them out for more acidic ones. If you use too many alkaline products on your hair, you damage the keratin in your hair which is what keeps it strong and healthy. Alkalines also open up the cuticle layer which means your hair will be more prone to damage due to its porosity. Porous hair also means pollutants and bacteria can easily attach to your hair, making it drier and unhealthier. By using products with a more acidic pH level, you’ll ensure your hair is kept moisturized and protected.

Over Processing

Anytime you put a product on your hair matter, that product’s pH will affect your hair. If you use hair dyes, their pH value can be anywhere from 7 all the way up to 11. As they’re a strong alkaline, when they’re processed on your hair, the cuticle layer opens up to allow the color to deposit into the strands. However, when your hair is over-processed, this causes damage. Now that your hair has become more alkaline, it will be dry, frizzy, and not hold any more color.

Using Hot Water for Hair Washing

Your Scalp Matters Too

When it comes to the pH of your hair, you need to think about your scalp too. Maintaining a healthy scalp pH will ensure your hair is able to lock in moisture and keep up the natural sebum production. Without the natural oils coming from your scalp, your hair can easily become dry and brittle. And if you want your hair to grow, keeping your scalp pH balanced will stimulate the follicles.

Be Shampoo Conscious for Your Hair Matter

Did you know that even shampooing your hair can damage the pH level if it’s too alkaline? Shampoos can range from 3.5 all the way up to 9, and if it’s not printed on the bottle, how would you know you’ve picked up a strong alkaline to clean your hair with. When searching for shampoo, it’s good to look for products that actually provide the pH level and are designed with this in mind. Not only will an acidic shampoo keep your tresses healthy, but it’ll also benefit your scalp too. If you don’t want to change your product before knowing what the pH level is, you could try using Litmus paper strips. These will change color when put into a product and show you its pH level. This way you can see if the expensive shampoo you’ve been using diligently is actually worth the money or if it’s doing more harm than good.

Towel Drying Hair

Maintaining healthy hair comes down to more than just keeping it clean. Being aware of the pH level of what you’re putting onto your hair can greatly affect its health and growth. Making informed decisions about how you care for your hair will ensure you keep soft, strong locks for longer.

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