Most experts predicted that the age of physical photos was well and truly over. The world has moved far beyond the point of a simple meagre piece of card, and when you factor in the limitless potential of the internet, this whole topic seems like a done deal.

However, this is simply not the case. Physical photos are still thriving despite everybody’s predictions, and this is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article. Let’s dive right into it.

More Sentimental Value

Sentimental Value

Something that is hard to explain but also something that we are all familiar with is just how much more impactful a real-world photo is when compared to its digital counterpart.

There is just something about holding that old photo in your hands that makes it seem all the more real, while the same effect is not able to be replicated when viewing on a phone or PC.

It seems as though physical photos just have the innate ability to allow us to connect to them on a much deeper level than can be done with their digital counterparts, and this feeling is at the heart of what it really is we want from photos when we take them.


The ability to just go back in time for a split second to visit a fond memory is almost a magical feeling, and if you are like most, the same experience cannot be gotten when looking at digital photos.

This is exactly why we have seen things like the Instagram photo book become so popular as of late – almost all people synonymously agree that real, tangible photos are superior to their digital alternatives on social media when it comes to the emotions that they can elicit.

People Love To Be Different

There is just a certain cool factor one can get when holding an old photo, and now that everyone chooses to view their photos online, it almost seems a little counter-culture to prefer physical photos.

Physical Photo

This is one of the main reasons why polaroids are coming back; people just find old stuff cool. The same thing can be seen with Vinyl and now stereo – it seems as though older tech retains a little of the era they were built in, and this allows people to get a retro/classic feel that is unavailable from anywhere else.

Of course, there will be those out there that opt to go this route in an effort to just stand out, but if they are not hurting anyone, what’s the problem? However, there is a real fanbase of people out there for older inventions like polaroids, and there are communities that genuinely find them cool.

We hope we have been able to accurately portray just how vital of a role physical photos play. In reality, the experience of looking at a photo online cannot live up to that of its real-life counterpart, and there is no doubt that physical photos will have a part to play in society for generations to come.

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