Considering putting your child into hospice care can be terrifying, and many parents feel like they’re doing the wrong thing when they make the decision: but few ever regret it. Our children are precious and deserve the best form of care available; if we can’t offer it to them, our job as parents is to ensure we find someone who can.

These are the top reasons children’s hospice is a great decision and why you shouldn’t ignore it as an option.

Reasons To Choose A Children’s Hospice

Your Child Needs More Care Than You Can Handle

Your Child Needs More Care Than You Can Handle

Many treat children’s hospice care like a last-ditch thing they would never consider, but it’s not something horrible. Instead, Hospice care is something that can impact positive change. If you’re the child’s guardian and you’ve been doing in-home hospice on your own, taking care of their medical needs, there’s a chance that they may eventually need more than you can offer. Not every guardian is a registered nurse and even those have to admit it when there’s something outside their abilities.

They’re Lonely And Housebound

They’re Lonely And Housebound

If your child never gets to leave the house and seems restless and frustrated with it, this is a key moment to consider hospice. This type of care will offer them the opportunity to break free of boredom and get to live around other children. Although hospice families worry their children will be alone among older people: many childrens’ hospice locations exist that can offer them the chance at a life with other kids around them. This can give them normalcy and can put the fun back into their day today.

You Can’t Find In-House Care To Help

You Can't Find In-House Care To Help

If you’re desperate to keep your child at home, but you can’t find an in-home hospice company that fits everything you need, in-home hospice might not be the solution. Hospice facilities for children are directly outfitted to be able to answer all of your child’s needs. This means that they won’t have to settle for what’s in the house or what an in-home hospice professional has with them. Instead, they can get the best care possible in a facility that knows exactly what they need.

You Haven’t Been Able To Care For Your Own Needs

Many guardians of hospice-needing children often find that their own needs have gone to the wayside. If this describes you, you’re not alone! The exhaustion can be bone-deep, and the guilt for not doing and giving more can cut even deeper. It’s not your fault that your child’s needs are beyond what you can physically offer them, but if you put them into hospice, you give them the chance of having their needs met more stably.

You deserve to be still able to live, and work, and do the things that matter to you: and it does not neglect to admit that you need help. Hospice can allow you to protect your child and make the best decisions for their health without it being a detriment to your own.

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