Have you been hearing the words untamed or Glennon Doyle lately? In case you are wondering who is Glennon Doyle, we have all the details right here. We are going to share more about who she is and why learning about her will add a little light to your day.

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Who Is Glennon Doyle?

A few accomplishments Glennon Doyle has had to date include two bestseller books, raised over $25 million for people in need thanks to her nonprofit Together Rising, and spoken at countless events including a TEDx talk stage.

Her TEDx talk “Lessons From the Mental Hospital” to date, has more than three million views. During this talk, she shared the emotional problems that she personally faced when she was a teenager.

You can check out some best quotes by Glennon, and trust us you will want to take some notes.

Beginning of Her Writing Career

She first started sharing her writing with the world when she created a blog called Momastery in 2009. She had a friend who sent her a tutorial on how to build a website. She went ahead and built the blog from where she’s been sharing her thoughts about life and other issues.

This blog was the beginning of her writing career. Within a few years, her funny and conversational tone propelled her blog to popularity. She grew a loyal fan base that was excited about her first memoir before it was even released.


Her first memoir Carry On, Warrior, was published in 2013. Her second memoir Love Warrior was published three years later in 2016. Her most recent book Untamed was released in March 2020.

Her second memoir Love Warrior made it to Oprah’s Book Club. The book talks about when she hit rock bottom after her husband revealed some truths about their marriage and his infidelity.

In her most recent book, she opens up and says everything that she has been wanting to say since the “day she was born.” This book, she says, “is about untaming ourselves and living free from any confines that society puts on us.” This memoir is Doyle’s own story about becoming a free woman because here she does not hold back.

Ready to Feel Free?

Now if you are ready to level up and live the life you have always wanted to live but are lacking some motivation or inspiration, Glennon Doyle is your girl. You can check out her TEDx talk, or pick up any of her three books and read away.

Everyone should live their best lives and if you feel like you are not living your best life yet, then it might be time to embark on a self-discovery journey.

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