Urinary incontinence is the leaking of urine and both men and women can be victims of this. In men, urinary incontinence happens more with older men than younger men.

Even though people joke about old people wearing diapers, urinary incontinence doesn’t signal a healthy part of aging. However, not all cases of urinary incontinence signal a serious issue. It’s still inconvenient and requires treatment.

Fortunately, men have options. You no longer have to worry about a surprise accident.

There are many urinary incontinence products that help prevent leakage and reduce the risk of accidents. Here are the top 5 urinary incontinence products for men.

Urinary Incontinence Products for Men: Treating and Covering Up the Issue

If you have urinary incontinence, you need products that target the issue and keep you dry. Here are some of the most popular recommendations.

1. Catheters

We all know the catheters you receive from your doctor. However, there are external catheters that are easier to use.

Men wear the external catheters over their penis and there’s no need to insert them into your urethra. You put them on similar to the way you wear a condom.

A drainage bag is attached, which is where the excess urine goes.

They are made of either silicone or latex, making them comfortable to wear all day.

2. Absorbent Products

This is the option preferred by women. Fortunately, there are absorbent products for men. While “diapers” are the most common option, there are absorbent products made to look similar to traditional boxers or briefs.

In addition, they’re affordable, comfortable, and easy to disguise.

3. Underpads

Similar to the absorbent products mentioned earlier, underpads are absorbent products you attach to your underwear.

They’re also similar to the menstrual pads women wear on their periods. They soak up any excess urine and you can discard them and insert a new one.

In addition, you can insert special pads on your furniture or mattress to prevent furniture damage or staining.

4. Penile Clamps

This is a device that “clamps” on your penis, applying enough pressure to close the urethra. Fortunately, this isn’t as awful as you expect. The area that clamps on your penis is made of foam, preventing any uncomfortable pressure.

5. The Whizzinator

Do you leak but have trouble urinating? You can use a product such as the Whizzinator to give you the inspiration to urinate normally.

The Whizzinator replicates urinating by using fake human urine on a prosthetic penis. You can use this device to urinate as you normally would, which could encourage you to urinate as you normally would.

Urinary Incontinence Isn’t Your Only Risk

Urinary incontinence affects many men and women, especially as they age. This is the undesired leakage of urine from the urethra.

If you’re a man with urinary incontinence, there are many urinary incontinence products for men to help prevent and mask your leakage.

Unfortunately, urinary incontinence isn’t the only concern for aging men.

Erectile dysfunction is also a major risk to men’s sexual health. Know the surprising causes of erectile dysfunction to ensure you can pleasure yourself and your partner.

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