Ever heard of a person who does so many things at once that it feels like he is Superman? Well, Whilly Bermudez is one such multi-talented person. He has been in the headlines of almost every major publication – for very right reasons.

Keep reading as we dive deep into his life. Here, we brought a detailed biography of his incredible life for you to get inspired. So, let’s get straight into it!

A Peek Into The Life Of “The WB”

The Life Of "The WB

Whilly Bermudez is an American serial entrepreneur, politician, philanthropist, marketer, author, politician, and a podcast host. In his mid-40s, he already achieved what takes a lifetime, and he has no plans to stop. Not only has he been tremendously successful, but also honored by his followers. This is apparent from what his followers call him – “The WB.”

In his lifetime, he has started numerous chart-breaking businesses. He is considered the best in South Florida when it comes to marketing specialists. He has hosted more than 1,000 different events over the years and has won several prestigious awards. Were you wondering what exactly does he do? We got you covered in the next section.

Entrepreneurial Journey of Whilly Bermudez

It seems as if WB is addicted to entrepreneurship. He started his first venture in the 90s and never stopped. Over the span of his 20-year-long career, he had several successful start-ups. Today, we sum up some of the most notable among them for you.

WB Media

WB Media is the jewel in the crown for Whilly Bermudez. It is the company that set the stage and provide a firm foundation for his entrepreneurial career. Starting out in South Florida, this company has grown to be a nationally recognized and go-to company for marketing solutions.

Today, it has branched out into consulting as well as modern marketing techniques. It has clients from across the United States, including large corporations and young start-ups. WB media specializes in creating a brand image and communications strategy as no one else.

WB Digital

WB Digital

Whilly Bermudez not only stepped into the world of the web but is flourishing in this part as well. WB Digital, named after his famous nickname, is a software development company.

WB truly has global plans for all his companies, and this is no different for him. The team he has recruited can speak 15 different languages to serve clients across the world. They design outstanding custom software, web, and application development solutions.

The biz305

What is the sign of a great leader? He inspires others around him, right? Whilly Bermudez is certainly a leader by that criterion. Staying connected to his roots, WB launched a South Florida-focused podcast called “The biz305“. As the name suggests, it is all about business.

In this podcast series, Whilly invites business owners and start-up founders on his show. It is an interview-style podcast. The founders discuss the motivations, their journey, and what their business offers. In this way, it inspires the viewers to start their hustle and take the risks.

According to Whilly, another motivation behind this podcast was that the customers could get to know the brands. He mentioned in an interview that review sites do not paint the full picture. You will have to know who runs the business or brand to decide whether you should try it or not. And this is the crux of the podcast – getting to know the founders.

The Whilly Bermudez Podcast

It seems Whilly Bermudez is obsessed with podcasts. It is evident from the two that he runs. However, this one is slightly different in its scope. The Whilly Bermudez Podcast has a wider scope covering current happenings in the world, positive living, and of course, business.

It is broadcasted every Tuesday at 8 p.m. (EST) with guests from various walks of life. It has a very informal format with WB and the guest engaging in casual conversation. You can access the podcast on his website and YouTube channel.

Branded Destinations

Whilly has expressed his love for traveling many times in podcasts and interviews. What could be a better idea than converting your passion into a profitable enterprise? This acted as the reason for the start of “Branded Destinations.”

It is a luxury travel company that has recently been started by WB. It hosts private tours for families and corporates. It is a relatively new venture but with the track record of Whilly Bermudez, we know for sure that it is going to take off soon.

Other Notable Works

You must be thinking that while managing so many businesses, WB won’t be able to do anything else. But that is not the case. As we mentioned, he does not know how to stop succeeding. Here we mention the non-business activities that Whilly is involved in.


The passion and dedication for giving back to the community are very strong in WB. He makes sure that he is contributing to society. He has donated large sums to organizations working for homeless people.

He also wrote a children’s book, WB and the 10 Good Things. These books were distributed free of cost in schools across South Florida.

Awards To His Name

Over his lifetime, Whilly has worked tirelessly. This is evident from his success which has also been recognized by various organizations. One of his greatest achievements was winning Best Doctors Insurance to Marketing Department Award.



In 2008, he was elected to be a member of the Republican Executive Committee. He also ran in the elections for the seat of the Miami Dade County Commission and achieved endorsements from numerous organizations. He has also stated his desire for the candidacy of the Florida State’s House of Representatives known.


We do not get to see such dedicated, hard-working, and well-round entrepreneurs these days. Whilly Bermudez has been doing some mind-blowing work. The good news is, there is more in store as he is determined as ever to carry on. His story is indeed an inspiration for all young and experienced entrepreneurs.

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