Having a professionally set up website is near essential for any up and coming business in this global economy. A website not only cements the company’s brand but also is a way for consumers to keep up to date with the company’s activities thus increasing traction.

With how tools are created to make life easier, there are tools that you can use to create a website without the need to know how to code. This has been a revolutionary step in introducing tons of companies and brands without breaking the bank.

With the growing importance of websites for smaller businesses who can’t quite afford the time or money to make a professionally made website, website builders accommodate such needs by providing ready-to-use templates and drag and drop features.

Why Should You Use Website Builders?

User-Friendly Website

There is a whole heap of advantages to using a website builder over doing it yourself.

Ease of Use

Website builders are tools that make it easy for business owners to create websites without the need to know how to code. Not only that but even if you are used to coding these website builders are still faster helping you save considerable time which you can spend growing your business and focusing on improving operational inefficiencies.

Tons of Templates

Many people don’t have an eye for detailing and graphics, leading to a disastrous outcome if you set to create a website. Usually, a lack of creativity can impact the final product and we’re sure you’ve come across many websites that simply look boring.

With website builders, there are tons of templates that you can choose from. These templates are already visually appealing and do not require much editing.

The thing is that at the end of the day most website builders aren’t all-in-one tools usually trading some features for others. So here we will list a few tools that help build websites and go over why we think you might prefer some over the others.


With Wix, you are offered near limitless levels of customizability, with lots of themes to spruce up the appearance of your website. It also comes with a completely do-it-yourself editor with no limits.

This among dozens of features for any type of site life from restaurant menus, to appointment scheduling, makes Wix a great tool for creating websites. However, you would need to be creative with designing as there are not many template options as compared to other tools.


Another website builder, Squarespace is packed full of features but takes a different direction than Wix. Rather than give the user infinite possibilities, it has a large variety of templates to maintain a certain level of quality, with different styles. This makes it less customizable but ensures that the readability for customers is perfect.


Shopify is a website builder that specifically focuses on E-commerce. This means if you want to set up an online store this is the perfect tool as it has features exclusively catered to online stores. This does mean that the type of sites you can make are limited, but with E-commerce integrated, it is one of the few tools to help you with your E-commerce business.

One thing you might’ve noticed with these popular sites is that they cater to certain needs of a user whether that be straightforward, personalized, or specifically for profit. On top of this, if you choose to try each of them out you’d have to learn each program and its quirks over and over. This being a bit of a disadvantage of website builders compared to coding.

What if we told you there was a tool to build websites that do what these website builders do but take it to a whole new level?

Allowing you to bypass the limitations each of these website builders present as well as being almost as versatile as knowing to code itself, BOWWE is the next generation website builder looking to change the landscape of how business owners create their websites.

BOWWE – A Revolutionary Website Builder

How to Improve a Website

BOWWE is a tool to assist in making websites that focus on the needs of small to medium businesses. This on top of features that are common in popular website builders like Wix or Squarespace, BOWWE is also an all-in-one tool. The tool is perfect for marketers and small businesses as they can directly promote their businesses online using BOWWE.

Customizable Professionally Designed Templates

BOWWE comes with professionally made templates for both ease of readability for the users and being completely responsive, which helps prevent performance issues.

On top of this, there are still drag and drop options to customize these templates further allowing users to add several features to their website without the need for creativity. To view the range of templates, See BOWWE Templates!

Possible Business Applications

Besides customizability, many features make BOWWE stand out among the rest. Much like Shopify, there are dedicated sections for E-commerce with its own dedicated tools to make it work well.

But there are also multiple other sections like art, local services, law, real estate, events, and much more, specifically cater to these types of businesses.

Highest Quality Website Code

When using BOWWE, users don’t need to worry about their website rankings. Many business owners have no idea about website rankers but having BOWWE can eliminate the need to know all that with its clean and high-quality website code that helps increase SERP.

Protection Against Hackers

With advanced levels of IT security embedded into BOWWE, the tool’s unique code helps business owners protect their information, clientele, and business from vicious hackers looking to steal data. This is perfect in today’s age of increased ransomware.

What Makes BOWWE Different from Other Website Builders?

Responsive Design Best Practice: Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

Unlike other tools, BOWWE caters to different types of business with its powerful business applications made with at least 150 hours of research. These tools are specifically catered to particular industries allowing business owners to make relevant websites for their businesses.

There are also more general features done right like allowing business owners to instantly publish any changes made to their website. BOWWE is also integrated with many platforms allowing business owners to promote their business on different platforms at the same time from a single dashboard. That way it can reach as many people as possible to increase business online traction.

BOWWE was made with increasing a business’s online development in mind. The tool is not only extremely customizable but also offers full control to business owners in regards to consumer flow, condition, visibility, and much more. BOWWE aims to revolutionize how SMEs view website development by providing a quick and cheaper alternative to website builders that are rather clunky or don’t use AI to guide novice users.

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020.

Project:  “The internationalization of the company and promotion of the BOWWE brand”. Priority axis 3 Support for innovation in enterprises, Measure 3.3 Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises, Sub-measure 3.3.3: Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go to Brand.

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