If you have got an e-commerce business, you will want to find out more about Shopify. Shopify is an e-commerce platform, allowing you to build your store online and offline. It comes with features that beginners can use as well as e-commerce experts. 

Free Themes that you can Customize

A lot of the successful shopify stores use free Shopify themes, such as Brooklyn and Indigo, due to the fact that they have high customer conversion rate. With Shopify, you get free themes that you can customize how you like. With your e-commerce store, you will be able to manage payments and shipping wherever you are and wherever your customers are. You want your online store to look eye-catching and you can customize your theme so that customers linger longer there and want to do business with you.

When it comes to choosing the right theme, you want to be sure it is compatible with HTML, CSS or JavaScript code as different browsers, operating systems and devices display things differently.

Shopify themes come with a base set of options and you can access the settings and choose different fonts, sizing, and colors. There are also more advanced features of the Shopify theme but bear in mind that adding content and apps does have an effect on speed.

Faster Sites Rank Higher

When you are in business you need speed because you lose revenue if your site takes long to load. You can speed up your e-commerce website by installing one of the faster Shopify themes.

The benefit of this is that sites that are faster stand the chance of ranking higher on Google as well as the other search engines. This ultimately increases traffic, more sales, and more revenue. Look for themes with clean code because the less code, the less memory used and the quicker your website.

A fast Shopify theme is the Plak theme, specially designed for speed by skilled Shopify experts. It comes in different packs at different prices to suit small or large businesses. 

No Coding Skills Required

With Plak, you will increase your time session duration and you will get free organic traffic from the search engines which can help to boost sales. Pages load instantly and users can use features from the theme editor without any coding skills. The theme makes use of the latest web page loading technics so as to get the maximum speed possible.

Instead of loading the whole web page, it makes use of what is known as Lazy loading so that just the required section is shown and the other part is delayed until the user requires it.

Choosing a good fast theme is important for the success of your Shopify store and there are many popular themes that will fit your needs. Some are more suited to certain niches and some like Plak is more suited to speed and more sales.

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