Phuket has many beaches, the west side is a large area of sea, the east side, and Phang Nga Bay to form a small bay, so most of the beautiful beaches are located on the west side of Phuket, mainly divided into ten beaches. But which is the best beach in Phuket?

For people who are new to Phuket, choosing a beach is a very confusing thing. What are these ten beaches like? Where are they? Which beach is suitable for you? Don’t worry, you’ll know if you look down!

Three Major Beach In Phuket

The three beaches include Patong Beach, Karen Beach, and Kata Beach. These three beaches are relatively easy to access, with beautiful scenery and good commercial facilities. Most of the free pick-up areas for day trips include the three beaches.

Batong Beach

Batong Beach

Batong Beach definitely has an overwhelming advantage among the 10 beaches in Phuket in terms of eating and drinking. However, in terms of seawater quality and beach, Batong Beach is not very good due to the most tourists.


Phuket Airport to Patong Beach.
Cab: The fare is about 600 THB, 45 minutes drive.
Minibus: 180 THB/person, one bus in half an hour or after one bus.
Phuket Town to Patong Beach.
You can take a TukTuk from the center of town and the fare is about 300 baht.

Bus: The starting point is on Ranong Road in Phuket Town, passing through several major beaches, with stop-and-go service every half hour, operating from 7:00-18:00, fare 20-30 baht.

Note: After arriving at Phuket airport, if you are worried about transportation, you can also book a shuttle service online in advance, the advantage is that the site is set in advance without panic, usually equipped with Chinese customer service, communication without pressure.

Accommodation & Food & Shopping

The beach is well equipped with all kinds of services and facilities, and there is a wide variety of hotels, resorts, and villas with various price levels. There are also many dining options, with sightseeing and eating spots within walking distance of the beach. You can also eat freshly prepared seafood stalls. For shopping, you can also go to the nearby Juncelyon Shopping Center and Rat-U-Thit Street.

Note: Basically, the street along the beach in the Patong area is the most expensive, so try not to buy there. It is recommended to change money and buy things on Rat U-Thit Street, the main street in the area.

Scenery & Sightseeing

There are various sea activities such as parasailing, sunbathing, banana boats, windsurfing, and yachting. The sight of the sun setting over the sea at sunset is impressive. If you want to experience the lively nightlife, you can also go to the Patong Night Market or BanglaRoad, which is known as a bar street. Here there are both noisy bars and discos, as well as more elegant cocktail bars, and American-style dining bars such as RockCity. The famous siren show SimonCabaret and the very unique Muay Thai gym are also in the Patong area.

Karon Beach


Also known as Karon Beach, 20 km from Phuket Town, the beach is 4 km long and is the third-largest beach in Phuket and one of the longest beaches on the island. The coastline is curved and slender, the water is clear and sandy, and the beach has a laid-back atmosphere. There are not many water activities, but because of the high waves, it is an ideal place for surfing.


Phuket Airport to Karon Beach: take a cab to the beach, the fare is about 700 strains and the ride is 1 hour, there is also a minibus, 180 strains per person.

Phuket Town to Karon Beach: 45 minutes by bus, every half hour, 7:00-18:00, 30 baht. A taxi will cost about 400-500 baht.

Patong Beach to Karon Beach: About 10 minutes to get there. You can also rent a car, but be careful!

Accommodation & Food & Shopping

There are several large resorts nearby, this beach is quite good, the sand is very fine to present powder! The key is quite quiet ~ accommodation in addition to hotels facing the sea, there are more built on the mountain of the special hotel.

Scenery & Play

Compared to Patong Beach where the water is bluer, the sand is finer, and the beach atmosphere is more relaxed. The waves are higher here, so there are not many water activities, but it is suitable for surfing. But most people at Karon Beach mostly play in the water, sunbathe, read and nap, and spend the evening walking on the beach and enjoying the dusk view. There is also an art community on the other side of Karon Beach, which is home to many studios and galleries built by Thai painters. There is also a new soccer stadium on the road to Karon Beach that can host major international tournaments.

Tips: The waves at Karon Beach are particularly strong during the annual rainy season, which runs from May to October, so those who are not good at water are advised not to go swimming. If you want to swim, make sure to keep an eye out for red warning flags, and if they are already in place, don’t go near the beach.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is much smaller than Patong and Karon, but it has two beautiful bays with a W-shaped shape. These two beaches are nicknamed “Big Kata” and “Little Kata” by the locals. They are popular with vacationers who love peace and quiet because of the beautiful scenery and the lack of tourists.


From Phuket Airport to Kata Beach: Taxi fare is about 750 baht, a 1-hour drive. There is also a mini-bus, which costs 180 baht per person.
From Phuket Town to Kata Beach: 40 minutes by minibus, every half hour, 7:00-18:00, fare about 35 baht.
Patong Beach to Kata Beach: about 15 minutes by bus, tutu about 500B
Karon Beach to Kata Beach: relatively close, 5 minutes by car. 300-400B a tutu

Accommodation & Food & Shopping

Kata Beach accommodations are mostly located on both sides of the coastal road, many with pools. Prices are not much different from Patong Beach, but there are fewer tourists here.

Although Kata Beach is not as lively as Patong, the food and evening walks can meet the basic needs. There are also some specialty food stores and more western food restaurants. Next to the main road, there are also bars, supermarkets, convenience stores, travel advice booking agents and so on.

Scenery & Touring

Kata during the daytime attracts many tourists who like peace and quiet with calm waves, clear water, and suitable for relaxation and diving. There is also a small coral reef in the north of Kata Beach, which is also perfect for diving.

A stroll along the main road of Kata Beach also offers a beautiful view of Chalong Bay to the south.

ViewPoint Postcard View: At the top of Kata Beach, on a clear day, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the three bays, Big, Little Kata, and Karon, which is also a famous postcard view of Phuket. It is also one of the famous places to enjoy the sunset at dusk in Phuket.

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