When planning your next international travel plans, you want to make sure you can navigate the foreign roadways without getting lost.

It’s much more enjoyable to travel when you’re not worried about where you’re going or how long it’ll take you to get there.

You need a reliable GPS device to show you the way. However, finding the best GPS can be a difficult task. Each one has different capabilities, and different brands have limitations on which countries’ maps they have on record.

If you’re trying to find the best GPS for international travel in 2021, this guide can help you. Keep reading to learn which GPS devices cover which countries best, and what other factors you should look for.

Traffic Data

It can be incredibly annoying when your GPS predicts your arrival as twenty minutes from now, but then you hit an hour of traffic that you didn’t see coming.

A GPS with accurate traffic information can make your travels much less stressful. You can find the quickest route to get to your dinner reservation or to get back to your hotel so you can rest after a long flight.

Ease of Transportation

If you’re traveling, you want to be able to bring your GPS with you. You want to use it in rental cars, or walking the streets of a foreign city. But first, it has to be able to fit nicely in your packed suitcase, especially if you’re flying to your destination.

GPS devices come in a variety of sizes that can fit your specific travel needs. Some are better fit for cars, while others can fit in a pocket as you’re walking around.

Trusted Brand Name

There are lots of off-brand navigation systems out there. You could risk your luck with a mysterious brand simply because of the cheaper price, but you risk getting lost without a backup plan.

The most trusted brands in navigational systems have to be Garmin and TomTom. Each brand is known for differing strengths and weaknesses. Which brand will best fit your needs will depend on where you’re going and what kind of system fits your travels.


Garmin was certainly one of the first reliable navigational systems to become popular. However, for international travel in places like Africa or Asia, you will have to purchase additional maps to download on the system.

But these maps are available, while other systems don’t offer them. In fact, few GPS’s have as much coverage of major Asian countries as Garmin does.


Another great GPS option is TomTom. While it does have sparse coverage in many Asian countries, it has very thorough maps all over Europe. It is also a GPS with lifetime world maps.

In comparison to Garmin, TomTom systems can also be more affordable. One caveat is that while you can purchase additional maps through Garmin, TomTom does not offer the same option.

GPS Device for Your Travels

The best global GPS tracker is a debatable topic since most systems don’t cover as much of the world as you might expect. But for your popular travel destinations like Asia, Europe, or North America, there is a quality GPS device available for you.

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