Suppose you seek to become an influential leader in the education field. In that case, you may want to push yourself to some new levels with an EdD program. It’s a significant achievement that will give you fresh insights and powerful strategies to leave an impact in your career choice.

To get the full benefits of your doctorate, you can also align your general EdD degree with your passion by specializing in different subjects. It will help you stand out from others and build new levels of expertise in you.

With a specialized EdD (Doctor of Education) degree in hand, you can have a promising career in teaching and administration. It also provides you with skills to educate healthcare professionals and those requiring special education. Whether you choose a general or specialized EdD program, it must be according to your profession and career approach.

Pursuing Doctor of Education Degree Program

Pursuing Doctor of Education Degree Program

Doctor of Education (EdD) programs provide research curricula that enable graduates to impact educational practice and policy. This degree, along with research, is highly practical that allows students to implement their skills in real-world situations to effect change. Graduates with an EdD can work in non-profits, k-12 education, and in the government sectors. In addition, they can enter the military or healthcare as well. EdD is administration-focused and is a more practical degree program. For students interested in getting an EdD, there are multiple online programs available for you. Different online education doctorate programs provide greater flexibility with lower costs than traditional campuses. It also allows you to hold your full-time job while pursuing this degree. Once you get an EdD, you’ll experience enormous career opportunities that you qualify for in the field of education.

Job Opportunities with A General EdD Program

Some of the ideal job positions that may interest you are outlined below.

  • Post-secondary education administrators: They supervise the faculty members of higher education institutes. These administrators often begin their careers as professors and, after that, turn provosts or deans.
  • Elementary And Secondary-School Education Administrators: These administrators oversee staff and faculty but only in elementary and secondary school settings.
  • Top executives: These top executives, such as chief learning officers, help develop a strategy to achieve organizational goals.
  • Instructional coordinators: They create curriculums and also support teachers in implementing better and effective teaching methods.
  • School principal: In all primary and secondary schools, the principal monitors various operations, hires teachers, trains faculty, and manages budgets. Many principals already have teaching experience, and then they earn their EdD degree to get the rank of the school principal.
  • Post-secondary teacher: Most post-secondary teachers (Professors) seek a Ph.D. However, some of these teachers earn their doctorate of education too.

Furthermore, students who opt for an EdD degree can get industry-related experience. It can prepare them to build a career in the healthcare and fitness sector. They are ideal for leadership roles in professional sports organizations, corporate wellness, and higher education. An EdD degree can help you progress as an exercise physiologist, coach, nutritionist, athletic trainer, and much more. Also, it is a better option for those interested in becoming a teacher at a post-secondary level in fitness, health, or biological sciences. So, an EdD degree is an ideal choice for someone who needs their career to teach the coming generation of healthcare professionals, sports, research, and work directly with multiple clients.

Specialized EdD Degree Programs in Healthcare Professions

Healthcare administration, leadership, training, and pedagogy in the healthcare field are critical in delivering effective care. The patient care involved daily primary care, management of chronic and acute ailments and conditions. Healthcare professionals such as nurses with a specialized EdD and training in organizational administration and educational leadership can improve the operation of healthcare organizations. Also, they can play a vital role in preparing future healthcare and medical professionals.

Individuals who work in the medical profession, such as healthcare leadership, nursing, or administration, qualify for a progressive career opportunity by pursuing an EdD degree program. Currently, there are 16 different EdD programs available online. Programs like healthcare education, nursing education, human resources, and health administration can prepare graduates to coordinate and handle hospital departments and teams. They can also work in medical centers and educate nurse professionals and others in academic and clinical settings. Additionally, EdD enables them to train healthcare personnel as well.

The Benefits of Earning a Specialized EdD Degree

The Benefits of Earning a Specialized EdD Degree

Many individuals who specialize in exercise science or sports do so because of their love and passion for educating others. However, there are more benefits of getting a specialized doctor of education for everyone in education.

Some of the advantages are outlined below!

Implement Your Knowledge and Skills Practically

While it’s completely possible to earn a Ph.D. and work with clients, a specialized EdD degree can specifically help people who want to work in the healthcare and fitness sector. Such degree programs will provide you with thorough information on current trends in the health industry. It also helps you gain experience in implementing research findings to all real-world scenarios.

Prepare Graduates for Leadership Roles

Most people who qualify as a doctors of education will then get leadership positions in the industry. The practical nature of such specialized doctorate programs provides you with the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge, evidence-based practice, and research skills. Such expertise will help you make a strong impression in your field.

Puts Graduates Ahead of The Competition

With the increasing knowledge of the advantages of nutrition and exercise, more people are looking for a career in the fitness and sports industry. The necessity of academic qualifications is growing as employers want to differentiate easily between the candidates. Having a doctorate in education degree showcases your skills and demonstrates that you already have advanced knowledge and expertise.

Attract A Handsome Salary

Payment History

As per BLS, pursuing a doctorate is a wise investment in your future career. Those with doctoral degrees can earn more and remain less likely unemployed compared to another group. For instance, a post-secondary school teacher gets a median salary of $68,970, making EdD worth a shot.


If you need a career in education to become an expert in your field, an EdD degree will help set you apart from others. Whether you opt for a general EdD or a specialized EdD, you’ll need to trace your passion for it. These degree programs will undoubtedly open gates to better career opportunities in different fields like teaching, administration, healthcare, fitness, and much more. The benefits mentioned above of each program will help you get a clear idea of what you want in your life or where you imagine yourself to be in the coming years.

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