As a car owner insurance in Red Deer, you should be looking for viable means to cut down your insurance premiums. On average, you need to shell out $1,300 annually to keep your car covered. Residing in one of the most populated cities in Alberta, it makes sense to have proper coverage for your vehicle.

Now, when you try to balance affordability with insurance benefits, it’s tough to find a happy medium. This explains why so many car owners reach out to the experienced insurance experts at Surex for the best recommendations — talking to the experts can get you the best quotes from leading insurers in Red Deer.

Car insurance in Red Deer: Options to drivers Car Insurance

As you explore different car insurance options in Red Deer, you will come across both no-fault and tort insurance policies. No-fault implies that you would count on your own insurer, not considering which party is involved in an accident.

In a tort system, you can claim possible damages from the other driver at fault. In Red Deer, a hybrid insurance policy is applicable, as both these systems operate in the city.

The Auto Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) monitors the insurance rates or premiums. This ensures that a private insurer won’t be able to increase the rate without the approval of the controlling body.

The car insurance coverage in Red Deer can be optional or mandatory.

 Mandatory coverage

The mandatory coverage in Red Deer includes:

  • DCPD (Direct Compensation Property Damage)
  • Accident benefits
  • Third-party liability

Optional coverage

The option coverage in Red Deer includes:

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • All dangers
  • Particular dangers

What should your automobile insurance provider cover?

Car Insurance

Your car is an investment, and you should strive to keep it in safe operational conditions. However, some perils are not in your hands. This justifies why you need to be sensible while choosing the coverage. Typically, you need to mix and match both mandatory and optional coverages for your car. When you weigh your options and compare different insurers, make sure they offer the following coverage provisions.

1. Third-Party Liability Coverage

Given that third-party liability is mandatory, you need to consider how much coverage the insurer assures in case of an accident. In case someone else gets injured due to your fault, you would get compensation for the medical and legal expenses incurred in the process. The insurance experts will guide you on choosing an insurer providing a higher liability limit.

2. DCPD (Direct Compensation Property Damage)

In case the other driver is at fault during an accident and inflicts damage to your vehicle, you can get coverage under direct compensation property damage. Reputed insurers also provide coverage if the fault is partially yours.

In these situations, the insurer will provide coverage for the replacement and repair expenses for any damaged property in your vehicle, along with the car. If you are at fault, you can get the expenses partially covered.

3. Accident benefits

While accident benefits are mandatory in Alberta, you also have your interests to have them covered. With accident benefits as a part of your policy, you can cover your healthcare expenses following an accident.

Moreover, if any passenger in your car sustains injuries, the coverage will compensate for the medical expenses. In case of the driver’s death, the coverage would provide financial support to your family members.

4. Comprehensive coverage

Although car owners in Red Deer need not purchase comprehensive coverage on a mandatory basis, experts recommend having one. Some situations are beyond your control, and therefore, it makes sense to invest in comprehensive coverage.

Even when you park your vehicle, it might sustain damage. Moreover, you cannot afford to overlook perils like theft or vandalism. Reputed insurers cover all the common perils and compensate the car owners in case of an incident.

5. Ride-sharing

As a driver, you might be working for a ride-sharing company. To cover any damage that you cause, it would be wise to purchase an add-on ride-sharing coverage. Established insurers offer customized packages to their clients, particularly if you have a commercial vehicle policy. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident, you need not shell out anything out of your pocket.

6. Collision coverage

Collision coverage is not mandatory but still imperative for drivers in Red Deer. In case you end up damaging your vehicle following a collision with any object like a pole, tree, fence, or even another car, the policy would cover your vehicle. Therefore, you can get compensation for replacing parts and your car’s repair expenses.

7. Loss of use

At times, your vehicle might be rendered useless due to one of the perils that the insurance policy already covers. In these situations, you need additional expenses to navigate through the city. For instance, you might have additional expenses as you rent cars, taxis, or use the public transportation system.

You should note that all insurers impose an upper limit on this benefit. If you talk to an insurance advisor, they will guide you in choosing the right insurer to maximize your savings.

Compare the quotes and get your insurance

can i get my car inspected without insurance

A number of factors determine your auto insurance rates in Red Deer. This includes the age, make, model, and value of your car.

Besides, your past claims record, credit score, and driving record also have a direct bearing on the premiums. On average, car owners in Red Deer need to shell out $97 each month.

It would be wise to evaluate your risk profile as a driver and invest in your car insurance policy. By working with an insurance broker, you can get the policy customized for your vehicle. Moreover, you might be in a dilemma over whether to go for the add-ons. Professional advice from experts will help you make an informed decision.


With too many insurers around and several aspects to factor in, it becomes challenging to choose the right Red Deer car insurance policy for you and/or your family members.

Besides, reaching out to several car insurance companies to obtain a quote based on your requirements would be a time-intensive process. This explains why car owners reach out to an insurance advisor for customized quotes.

Consult the experts who have been a part of the industry for a long time, and they will help you choose the best car insurer in Red Deer.

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